Apex Legends Mobile Settings (Basic and Gameplay)

The popularity of the Apex Legends Mobile game is increasing day by day. When new players play the game, most probably they check the settings to customize the things accourding to their needs. All the games have different settings, Here we will share Apex Legends Mobile settings for better gameplay.

We all know if you have a perfect setting in the game according to your need and mindset. In many cases, you can win the match. Just by having good or perfect settings, you can’t win all or maximum matches because you need a lot of gaming skills that come from practice and time.

Apex Legends Mobile Settings

If you checked the game’s settings sections, maybe you noticed that there are a lot of settings. For a new gamer, it may be complex to understand, and take some time to understand each setting. In this post, we will only explain the Basic and Gameplay settings of the game. We already created a post on Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings.

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What are in-game settings?

Every single game provides some customizable settings so, that the user can customize the game according to his needs. In a single setting, there will be some options where you have to choose one. Basically, settings features are created to help the user, different users use different settings.

There are many types of settings in the game available i.e. basic, gameplay, layout, sensitivity, control, graphics and FPS, and much more. These settings are provided by game developers or officials.

Behind the good gameplay of any player, there is a major contribution of perfect settings. Gaming skills and perfect settings, both are required to win any match. We hope you know that gaming skills come from a lot of practice and hard work.

Why Customize Settings

The below-mentioned reasons will tell you why you should customize your in-game settings. Every game comes with default in-game settings which are not good for you when you want to improve your gameplay. In default settings, you’ll find a lot of restrictions.

  • Customizing the game according to your need
  • It unlocks more options or ways
  • A different way to do a particular action
  • Gives a better option
  • and much more.

Tips to Improve Gameplay

If your gameplay is poor and you want to improve your gameplay, you should follow these below-mentioned tips. We promised that after following these tips your gameplay will start improving in a few days.

  • Understand all settings of the game and create your own settings
  • Practice daily properly, hope you know skills come with time and practice
  • Know everything about your game like which weapon is best, which character is best for you, each character’s abilities, and everything

Apex Legends Mobile Settings

Hope the above portions of the post were very informative for you because we discussed a lot of things related to Apex Legends Mobile settings above. Here, we are going to share and explain the settings of the game. If you understand it then you can create your own settings as well. So, read the post very carefully.

One more thing, if you’ll apply new settings, your gameplay will be poor for a few days because you and your mind need some time to understand it. We hope that we have shared a lot of information about it and now it’s time to see real settings.

Basic Settings

In basic settings there are some most useful settings, A few settings are very important if you want to be a pro-level player in this game. We will explain a few important settings and also share reasons to use them.

Now it’s time to change the settings of the Apex Legends Mobile game. Launch your game and go to the settings (it can be located on the left bottom screen) section and then basic. In the basic setting section, you’ll find these below settings:-

Advanced Setup

  • Auto Firing: Auto Firing means the weapon (in-game gun) will start firing when an enemy comes into your weapon’s scope. So, this depends on you.
  • Left Fire Button: There are three options in this setting, 1. ON: Left fire button will be visible, 2. ON While ADS: Left Fire Button will be while ADS (when the scope is on), 3. OFF: The Left Fire Button is hidden.
  • One-tap ADS and Fire: OFF: Tap the fire button to fire, Fire After ADS: Tap the fire button to ADS and Fire, Fire While ADS: Tap the fire button to ADS and fire, Mixed: Tap the fire button to ADS and fire; double-tap to hip-fire.
  • Bolt-action sniper mode: Tap to fire: Tap on the fire button to start firing, Release to Fire: The firing will start when you’ll release the fire button. (In almost every game snipers recommend using the Release to Fire option).
  • Semi-Auto shotgun Mode: There are also three options that match to above setting so, change it according to your need.
  • ADS Mode: This is the scope settings, Tap: Taping the button turns ADS on and off, Hold: Tap and hold ADS to keep ADS on and release to turn ADS off, Mixed: This is the combination of the previous two settings.
  • ADS Button Rotates Camera: OFF: Holding and dragging the ADS button does not affect the camera view, ON: Hold and drag the ADS to rotate the camera and aim.

Custom Layout: This is not part of this topic, we already created a post for this so, go and check it.

More Options: In this section, you don’t need to change any things. The settings that come by default are perfect. If you want to change you can change it by yourself because these are simple settings.

Gameplay Settings

We hope you customized or changed the basic settings. In this section, we will share Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Settings. Almost settings in this section will be the same and if you are not applying the below new settings it changes almost nothing.


Move -> Basic settings

Here, you have to change these settings according to your need. Below are the settings that I’m using and I strongly recommend you create your own settings.

Joystick trigger Auto-RunOn
Crouching ControlsTap
Slide Jump ControlEasy
Use the Crouch Button to rotate the cameraON
Use the jump button to rotate the cameraOFF


Climbing Control ModeClassic
Climbing PromptOn


Zipline Button SettingsDisplay
Riding on Zipline ModesDouble Tap
Vertical Zipline Interact ButtonOff
Vertical Zipline Direction TipsOn
Auto-Turn on VerticalZiplinesOnly Horizontal
Assisted Zipline Floor LandingOn


Items -> Basic

Smart Health Item RecommendationOn
Toggle to use Health ItemsOn
Continuously use Health ItemsOff
Continuously use Shield BatteryOff

Attachment Backpack

In this section, don’t need to change anything or any settings.

Pick up


Taking damage automatically closes DeathboxOff
Switch item modeTap
Hold to toggle intervalShort


Auto-Pickup IntervalLong
When the Pickup list is closed. Stop-AutopickupOn

Auto-pickup Consumables

Leave all the settings as it is or change them according to your need.


Auto Ping

Auto-ping EnemiesOn
Auto-Ping ItemsOn


Below are my settings, you can copy them or create your own.

Double-tap the screen to pingOff
Enable Quick Ping WheelOn

Battlefield Info


Minimap RotationOff
Map Radar AlertOn

Battle Feedback

Crosshair Radar AlertOn
Show Legends Avatar when aiming at a targetOn
Low ammo notificationOn
Damage numbers display modeBoth
Battle InfoFollow Crosshair
Damage CrosshairTarget Crosshair with Shield Icon
Incoming Damage Feedback3D Icon and Edge


What are the best settings for Apex Legends Mobile?

In this post, we have shared the best settings for Apex Legends Mobile and also shared the meaning of a few important settings so, that you can create your own settings too.

How do I aim better in Apex Legends Mobile?

There are only 2 tips to aim better in Apex Legends Mobile, the first tip is to use a good gaming device that supports high FPS and the second tip is to practice 1 – 2 hours daily.

How do I increase FPS on Apex Legends Mobile?

You can increase FPS in Apex Legends Mobile using a GFX Tool.

Final Words: Here I shared Apex Legends Mobile Settings that can help you to improve your gameplay but it will take some time. With the new updates, the Apex Legends Mobile game may come with some new settings or updates in the settings. We update the post when new settings appear in the game. So, keep visiting the page for updated content.

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