BGMI Sensitivity Code (Top 10 Player Codes)

Sensitivity code is one of the best methods to copy someone’s settings in a few seconds. Before the time when the code option was not available, it was very hard to copy settings and it was also taking a lot of time. So, let me explain and share the BGMI sensitivity code that can help you to improve your gameplay.

Here we will not only share our sensitivity code but we will also share India’s best BGMI player’s sensitivity code. So you will have a lot of options and you can choose & copy any player’s sensitivity. If you need any particular player/streamer sensitivity code then let us know we will provide it to you.

Let me share the truth, just by copying someone’s in-game settings, anyone can not be a pro player. The reason is that the player is created his own sensitivity according to his mind, need, and most important the device. Definitely, you can improve your gameplay a little bit very soon.

BGMI Sensitivity Code

The in-game sensitivity not only helps to control recoil it also helps to improve your reflexes. So, having the best BGMI Sensitivity is very – very important if you want to improve your gameplay.

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What is BGMI Sensitivity?

This is a great feature provided by the game developers to every player. You can see the same feature in almost every battle royale game but a few things might be different. If you are playing PUBG Mobile’s other variant then you’ll find the same feature.

In sensitivity settings, you can change the sensitivity of 3rd person no scope, 1st person no scope, 2x scope, 3x scope, 4x scope, 6x scope, 8x scope, and red dot, holographic, Aim assist. You can set or keep the sensitivity percentage between 0% to 400%. The lower the percentage the harder it is to move the screen and the higher percentage of sensitivity very fast the screen moves.

There are four options available for BGMI Sensitivity settings. However, BGMI always comes with new features after every update.

  • Camera settings
  • ADS settings
  • Free Look settings
  • Gyroscope settings

What is BGMI Sensitivity Code?

This is a 19-digit code that helps BGMI’s players to import or export sensitivity settings and control layout settings very quickly. If you want to copy any player’s sensitivity or control settings then ask him to share the code. When you get the code use it to copy settings, it will only take a couple of seconds to copy.

BGMI developers created this feature because thousands of players need this. It becomes very hard to copy settings one by one and it also takes a lot of time too. So, a big thanks to BGMI’s developers for creating this feature.

How to Copy Sensitivity Settings?

As we all know, you need a sensitivity code to copy the settings. Once you get the code then follow the below step-by-step guide on how to copy sensitivity settings or control settings using code.

  1. Launch your game and go to settings.
  2. Tap on Sensitivity and click on Layout Management (which can be located at the bottom of the screen).
  3. A new popup will open, click on Search Method.
  4. Now paste or enter the 19-digit code and click on the preview button.
  5. Here you can see the preview, you will also see the previous settings too. Click the Use Layout button when everything is fine.
  6. Now, you’ll see a Notice where it will ask you to upload your previous sensitivity settings on Cloud. so, you can restore it later.

BGMI Sensitivity Code

Above we have shared almost everything about sensitivity settings. Now, we are going to share the main part you all need which is the BGMI sensitivity code. As we mentioned above, we will share the top 10 BGMI player codes.

However, we recommend you create your own sensitivity because the players created their sensitivity according to their needs,s not your need. I’m not telling that you’ll not get any results but your own sensitivity will be a lot better than anyone.

You can create your own sensitivity settings by going to BGMI’s training ground. After going to the training ground pick up all the required equipment and use them one by one and create your own settings.

As we promised, we will share the pro player’s sensitivity code. Now, we are going to complete our promises. If you don’t know any player from his or her name we mentioned below then search it on YouTube. You’ll get their official channel with videos.

Player NameCode
Payal Gaming1324-5266-4289-2354-712


What is the best sensitivity for BGMI?

We have shared the best sensitivity settings of the top 10 BGMI players in India. So, you can copy any player’s sensitivity settings you like.

Where is the sensitivity code in BGMI?

Officially BGMI does not share any player’s BGMI sensitivity code. Here we have the code of pro-BGMI players.

What is the sensitivity code of Jonathan?

We have shared the sensitivity code of Jonathan.

Final Words: We hope the BGMI sensitivity code will help you a lot to improve your gameplay and aim. If there is something wrong with our shared codes then let us know we will update the code. So, all the best and keep reading posts related to BGMI and other games on

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