Free Fire Mod APK v2.99.1 All Features Unlocked (Anti Ban)

There are a lot of gamers who are looking for a Mod APK to play the game in their own way. In every game, there are some rules which must be followed to play the game. If you’ll not follow their rules most probably your gaming account will be banned. But in the Free Fire Mod APK, there are no limits and rules to follow.

If you search FF Mod APK on the internet, you’ll get thousands of results but sadly you’ll not get the latest Mod APK. We all know that it is very difficult to get a Mod APK with all features that a gamer needs and most important an anti-ban feature. We can say, your search is over now because here you’ll get everything you need.

Free Fire Mod APK

Hope you know that if you do not use Mod APK correctly, your in-game account can be banned instantly. So, we will also share some simple rules that will keep your in-game account safe from getting banned.

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What is Free Fire?

This game is known as Free Fire but the real name of the game is Gerena Free Fire. In this game, there are a lot of characters that are designed to make this game attractive and full of enjoyment. In the game, there are several features that are available:

HD Graphics: Nowadays if any game’s graphics are not good means no one will play the game. The graphics of the game is amazing but they should be improved because the graphics do not look realistic. Graphics can be ignored because the game can be played on low-end and high-end devices too.

Live Voice and Text Chat: Live voice and the text chat feature are a must in the battle royal game where more than one player is playing the game from different locations. Thanks to the game developers, this feature is available in the game.

Multiplayer: If you want to play this game online with your friends, you can play. Just ask their in-game I’d and ask them to accept your friend request in the game. After it, you all can play together with live voice and text chat.

Maps: This game also has a lot of maps, so you’ll be not bored while playing the game. When you are getting bored from playing one map, just switch to another. There are also some maps that can be ended quickly which is good for those who don’t have enough time.

There are a lot of features in the game, you should try the game. Most importantly, if you don’t have a gaming device, don’t worry because the game supports low-end devices too. If you want to know more about this game just go to its official website.

What is Free Fire Mod APK?

A Mod APK is nothing but a modified version of the original mobile application. There can be a lot of Mod APK versions because there is no one team for it and also several Mod APKs of any original application may contain different features and it is normal.

As you know, there are several limitations in the original game applications like the maximum speed of the character, limited health, the need for a lot of experience to control in-game gun recoil, and much more. In the Mod APK, there are no limits means you are the winner of almost every match.

The features of the Mod APK look great but your account can be banned if you do not use the Mod APK properly. Don’t worry we will also share some rules to prevent your in-game account from getting banned, and much more.

Rules for Using Mod APK

There are a few rules you should follow to prevent your in-game account from getting banned. If you follow these below rules, you can decrease the chance of an account ban, not your account is 100% safe.

Note: Always play Free Fire Mod APK in any guest account or new account, not your original account. It’s 100% confirmed that one day your account will be banned.

  • Do not update the Mod APK from anywhere because if the Mod APK is not developed properly your account will be banned.
  • Download or use Mod APK from any trusted source only because they can steal your personal information.
  • Do not use your main account in any Mod APK because it’s 100% confirmed that one day your account will be banned because official developers are also doing their best to stop these kinds of things.
  • Use Mod APK’s features only when you need them, if you use these features all the time other players will report it, and your account will be banned.

Free Fire Mod APK

Finally, the wait is over now. From the below button, you can download the Free Fire Mod APK. The Mod APK we have shared below does not belong to us because we also found it on the internet. All the features that the Mod APK contains are mentioned below in detail.

Note: The Mod APK may contain a virus that can harm your device and steal your personal information too. So, use the Mod APK at your own risk. We will be not responsible for any issue.

App NameGerena Free Fire
Size785 MB
Last UpdatedA few Days Ago

Free Fire Mod APK Features

As we mentioned above different Mod APK applications have different features, and it is also not confirmed what features he will provide. The Free Fire Mod APK we are going to share with you has almost all the required features to win almost every match.

Free Diamonds

This is the most used feature in the Mod APK. In this Mod APK, you’ll get a lot of free diamonds by default and you can use them to buy any in-game item. The number of diamonds in the Mod APK will not decrease so, you have unlimited Free Fire diamonds.

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Anti Ban

Hope you know that, if you use FF Mod APK your in-game account will be banned. To protect your in-game account from getting banned, the Mod APK has an anti-ban feature. The Anti-ban feature can not protect your in-game account all the time. So, use only the guest account to play matches in the Mod APK.

Enemy Location

In almost every match a lot of campers come that can turn a winning match into a losing one. In the Mod APK, you can see the location of hidden enemies very easily so, you can locate and eliminate campers very smoothly.

Zero Recoil

We all know that the in-game gun which has high damage and range, also has high recoil, and controlling recoil is not easy. So, you can use the zero-recoil feature to control the recoil of any -in-game gun in the Free Fire Mod APK.

High Jump

You can make very high jumps in matches, you should use this feature when you want to distract enemies. If you use this feature, enemies near you will understand that you are using Mod APK, as a result, your in-game account will be banned. So, this feature when you need not show off.

Unlimited Health

Unlimited health means, your health will decrease very slowly while taking any fight in the game. If the enemies keep shooting at you in the game, they can eliminate you. So, don’t take the fight blindly.

Free Fire Mod APK Download

Above we shared all the features that the Free Fire Mod APK has, that we are going to share. If you don’t want to get your in-game account banned, you should follow the above rules that we have shared. Below you’ll find instructions on how to download Free Fire Mod APK.

Note: Bookmark and keep checking the page regularly, we will keep updating the page with new features or information in the future.

How to Download Mod APK?

  • Step 1: Click on the below download button and you’ll be redirected to a new page.
  • Step 2: Where you’ll see some most important details like the version, last update, etc.
  • Step 3: You can download the Mod APK from there and the steps to download are also mentioned there in case you don’t know how to download it.

How to Install Mod APK?

Once you downloaded the Mod APK you have to follow the below steps t install the Mod APK on your Android device.

  • Step 1: Go to file manager and locate the Mod APK and click on install it.
  • Step 2: While installing, your device will ask permission to install apps from unknown sources and you have to allow it.
  • Step 3: After allowing the permission, you’re Mod APK will be installed.
  • Step 4: Now, locate the OBB file and move it to Android -> OBB.
  • Step 5: After moving the OBB file, the Apex Legends Mobile Mod APK is ready to use.


Does Free Fire have Mod APK?

Yes, there is a different version of Free Fire that have some extra features and comes with no limits in the game.

How do I Install Free Fire Mod?

After downloading the Fre Fire Mod APK, you’ll get two files APK and OBB file. Follow the below instructions to install the Mod APK.

Step 1: Install the downloaded APK.
Step 2: Move the OBB file to Android ->OBB.
Step 3: Now, run the Mod APK and enjoy.

How do you get Free Fire unlimited diamonds?

If you want to get a lot of Free Fire diamonds for free, read the complete post and apply all the methods properly.

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Final Words: We hope you’ll love the article Free Fire Mod APK. In the Mod APK, there are a lot of features for you to enjoy gaming. A lot of problems come while using the Mod APK, if you are also facing any problems related to it, do not forget to let us know. Keep reading the latest updates and news about popular games on

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