How to Get Instant Free Skins In PUBG Mobile in 2021

There are thousands of apps and websites that offer free skins in PUBG Mobile. All the websites are fake because PUBG does not offer this kind of thing. There are only a few methods that can give you free outfits in PUBG Mobile game, all the methods are official and 100% executable.

These days, when a new player joins the game most probably he or she tries to get some stylish and attractive outfits for the in-game character. The fact is that the game character looks more beautiful and stylish with a good-looking outfit. That’s why almost every gamer also looks for outfits for the game character.

get free skins in pubg mobile

There are a few ways that can help you to get skins in PUBG Mobile and these ways are 100% trustable. PUBG launches many redeem codes on events and collaborations and provides many free skins and outfits and other items for the gamers who redeem the codes before the limits.

Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile launches many gun skins, vehicle skins, outfits, and other skins after an interval of a few days. The best skins and outfits make your PUBG character attractive. If you need any skins or outfits then you have to pay lots of real money.

There are several trustable ways that will help you to get free skins. If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest to buy UC and you want free skins and outfits then there are several ways that can help you.

PUBG Mobile also offers many skins for free where you don’t have to pay real money. You can get many skins using BP coins, free classic, and premium coupons, and by completing levels.

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Benefits of Getting Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

There are several benefits you’ll get:

  1. Save Money
  2. Get free skins
  3. Get rewards for free

How to Get free skins in PUBG Mobile?

If you really need free skins then I can help you with 100% trustable ways. You can get many awesome skins and outfits just by reading this post carefully and applying it. In these ways, you have to be active on social media platforms to increase the chances of getting the rewards.

1. Get Free UC

Do you know? There are several ways that can help you get free UC in PUBG Mobile like the Google Opinion Reward app, Bonus challenges, Challenge rewards, Giveaways, and much more. You can get 1800UC per month just by playing PUBG Mobile.

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If you need free UC to buy skins, outfits, and Royal Pass then PUBG can help you. PUBG Mobile has three features that give free battle coins just by playing PUBG Mobile. You can convert battle coins into UC for free. Here you don’t have to pay any money or fees.

Go to the PUBG Bonus challenge and buy a Bonus challenge voucher if you don’t have which cost is only 10UC. In the Bonus challenge, only a good or pro player can win UC because in this match most of the players are conquerors. So, try it at your own risk if you are not a pro player.

In the Rewards Challenge, Anyone can win a maximum of 1800UC per month just by guessing PUBG plane direction in matches. If you are a newbie player then you can also use this trick because here you have to use mind not skills. So, try it now.

2. Redeem Codes

PUBG launches lots of redeem codes on many events to provide free rewards like skins, outfits, etc. So, you can also get some free skins in PUBG mobile and outfits for free. If you want to use this trick then you have to find the latest redeem codes.

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Redeem codes are time-limited and quantity limited so, you have to redeem codes as soon as possible. You can get skins and outfits only when you are fast and active on the internet.

How to get Redeem codes?

PUBG Mobile never launches any redeem codes in-app because of some reason. PUBG Mobile reveals redeem codes in live streams, social media, discord, Facebook and Instagram stories, etc.

You can join PUBG Mobile on all social media platforms if you need a redeem code or you can visit the below link because where you’ll find all the latest codes.

3. PUBG Events

PUBG Mobile launches many events where anyone can grab free outfits and legendary items. Sometimes PUBG also gives some mythic items. You can also get them by completing some easy tasks of the events in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG gives only time-limited skins, outfits, and other items. So, if you are interested in then go for it otherwise leave it.

4. Unlocking Levels and Achievements

There are many gun skins, outfits, and other legendary items you can grab for free. You have to do one thing which is unlock new levels and increase achievement points by playing PUBG Mobile.

You’ll also get many classic and premium crates coupons to get many legendary and mythic items by crate opening. If you don’t have enough classic or premium crates then you can purchase them using silver fragments.


You can get instant free skins in PUBG Mobile using the above ways. There are also a few ways but they are not 100% trusted so, didn’t share them here.

All the maintained ways are working and thousands of PUBG Mobile players are using it. You can get some skins to make your PUBG character good in look.

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