PUBG New State Survivor Pass Leaks (Volume 8)

PUBG New State was the most awaited game of 2021. This game is developed by PUBG Studio and Krafton. Hope you know, the game is futuristic that’s why all the items like crates, survivor passes, crates, etc are very awesome and stylish. Here, we will share PUBG New State Survivor Pass Leaks of Volume 8.

When the PUBG New State launched, the game gives only 50% NC (In-game currency). So, a lot of players requested Krafton to give all the NC back to purchase the next survivor pass without spending money. So, in a previous update PUBG: New State announced that you’ll get all the NC back to purchase the next survivor pass. I hope this information will help you a lot.

New State Survivor Pass Leaks

This survivor pass of the game will be very awesome. Now, you’ll also get a lot of items in the Free Survivor Pass also. If you want to get free rewards like crates, outfits, etc. then this game gives a feature known as PUBG New State Redeem Code.

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What is Survivor Pass?

In PUBG New State, a survivor pass is a feature that provides a lot of items like outfits, NC, chicken medals, and a lot of items. Each month a new Survivor Pass starts and comes with new outfits and rewards. In each Survivor Pass, there are a lot of missions to complete to get all the rewards.

In survivor pass, there are two types of pass the first is known as ELITE and the second is Premium. You can get all the rewards for free by completing weekly missions in the ELITE Pass. The elite pass is 100% free forever for everyone.

In the premium pass, there are a lot of rewards and items. Here, you also have to complete all the missions to get rewards. You’ll get Elite pass rewards too. The reward quantity is high in the premium pass.

Survivor Pass Giveaway

We staretd New State Survivpr Pass giveaway on our site. If you want to get a free Survivor Pass without spending money on it. We are doing the survivpor pass giveaway in each Volume, so it is a good opportinuty for you. You can check the more details about the giveaway by clicking on beliw button.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Leaks

After buying or using the current survivor pass outfits and other items gamers want to know what outfits, skins, and items will come in the next survivor pass. Hope you know it is a little bit hard for everyone to find it because it needs a lot of knowledge and time. We have some sources (YouTubers) who share PUBG New State Survivor Pass Leaks with us so, that we can share them with you.

In every season, PUBG New State launches 2 survivor pass and each survivor pass expires in almost 1 month. Here we are going to share leaks of the volume 8 survivor pass.

Note: The leaks we shared below are not confirmed but the chance of the leaks is very high. If all the leaks are confirmed we will update the leaks with new ones.

New State Survivor Pass Leaks Volume 8

As you know, every player need New State Survivor Pass leaks in detail. That’s why we will not share the image of leaks (outfiys, skins, etc.), Below we have embeded a video where you’ll get every single leaks of the survivor pass.

We will update the post once we get new leaks. So, bookmark the page and keep checking it regularlry to be the first to see leaks.


How to get leaks of new survivpr pass?

No one knows whene the leaks will come but you can keep checking the page regularly to get the news and updates about new leaks.

How to get free rewards in New State Mobile?

There are one one trustable way to get free rewards in New State Mobile game. The way is New State Mobile Redeem Code, you can get a lot of rewards by redeeming some codes. All the redeem codes are mentioned here PUBG New State Redeem Code Today (Working)

Final Words: Hope you’ll love the New State Mobile Survivor Pass leaks that are shared in above video. The leaks in the above video is not 100% confirmed but most probabbly the could come in the survivpr pass. Keep checking the page regularly because we update the page when new leaks comes. Read latest news and upadtes related to the game on

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