PUBG Trigger: 5+ Best PUBG Mobile Trigger (Controller)

PUBG Trigger is one of the fastest ways to shift 2 fingers to 4 fingers claw. The craze of PUBG Mobile is increasing among people and most are younger. When PUBG Mobile was launched, gamers were playing 2 fingers but now gamers are shifting to 4 fingers and 6 fingers claw.

As we know, 4 or 6 fingers are better than 2 fingers because in 4 or 6 fingers you can do many tasks at the same time. For a new player and those players who are playing PUBG Mobile with their thumb (2 Fingers) is a little difficult to play with 4 or 6 fingers.

You need time and practice to learn to play PUBG with your own 4 fingers. If you don’t want to give time to practice or don’t have time then a PUBG trigger (controller) can help you. With these triggers, you don’t have to band your finger a lot and triggers do not cover the mobile screen so, you can see your complete screen while playing with 4 fingers.

PUBG Trigger

I hope you know that any type of gadget like a PUBG controller is not allowed in PUBG Tournaments. So, if you want to join eSports or play any small or big tournament then you must not play with PUBG trigger. So, play with your own fingers to be perfect in the game.

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What is Trigger?

A trigger is a device that helps people to do many actions in games without any practice. In PUBG Mobile, if you want to be a pro-level player you have to shift 2 fingers (2 thumbs) to 4 fingers. You need to do hard practice to learn to play PUBG with your own 4 fingers.

Many gamers do not want to spend lots of time so, in this type of case, a trigger can help you. You need to just practice only 1-2 hours to learn to play PUBG with a trigger. You can not play 6 finger claw with a trigger because only 4 fingers trigger is made.

There are many types of triggers available in the market like normal trigger and trigger with cooler. Trigger with cooler keeps your device cool if you don’t have the best phones for PUBG Mobile.

Best PUBG Trigger

We have shortlisted the best 5+ PUBG trigger (controller) for you. These shortlisted controllers work great in all types of devices like Android and iOS. Setup of the trigger is very easy and simple so, anyone can do it easily.

You can also use these controllers in all games where you get an option to customize layouts like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, etc.

Disadvantage: There is a big disadvantage if you play with these triggers, the problem is this trigger is very less flexible than your finger. Once you are addicted to triggers it will be very hard to play without them.

SpinBot BattleMods X1 Conductive Gaming Triggers for PUBG Mobile

This trigger works great on both Android and iOS devices. The look of the trigger is very stylish and lightweight (Just 50g) so, you’ll not feel high weight while carrying your device. This trigger is built with premium-quality metal and comes in two colors (Black & Midnight Blue).

SpinBot built the trigger using innovative capacitive conduction technology that gives you a zero-lag instant response. The trigger comes with 90 days replacement guarantee against manufacturing defects.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Light Weight
  • Instant responsive
  • Passed with 1Million+ clicks test
  • 90 days replacement
  • Comes in two color


  • Comes only 2 color

RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger

This is another lightweight trigger that comes with a sturdy design. The design concept of the trigger is really amazing and it looks attractive. Your device will not get any scratches because the touch part is very smooth like our fingers.

This trigger weight is about 80g which is a little high but good. It is built with premium metal and plastic which makes it fast and attractive. The look is awesome and comes in 4 colors (black, red, blue, and metal) so, you can choose any color you like.


  • Built with premium quality metal and plastic.
  • Comes in 4 color
  • Designed is awesome
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight (80g)


  • The weight is a little high
  • Trigger size is a little big

Zerfa K02 Conductive Trigger

This is another best controller for PUBG Mobile. This trigger comes in one color (black & red) and this PUBG trigger is useable and easy to set up on android as well as iOS devices. it is also designed for all shooter games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, etc.

The size and weight of the trigger are small and less so, it will not cover your device screen. The trigger color combination & design is very awesome.


  • Color combination is good
  • lightweight
  • Small size
  • Trigger look is awesome


  • comes only in 1 color

SpinBot BattleMods X3 Conductive Pro

This is another stylish trigger for PUBG by SpinBot and it supports both Android and iOS devices. The weight of the trigger is a little high but this is a little more advanced and powerful than other triggers. Almost every triggers are not interchangeable left and right but this one is interchangeable.

SpinBot’s BattleMods X3 uses innovative capacitive conduction technology which helps gamers to to play games without lag. This trigger has an extra wide grip so, it will support all sizes of smartphones and doesn’t need to back cover also if you don’t want to remove it.

This premium trigger’s dimensions are 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm, and its weight is about 300 g. The weight is a little high than other triggers but it’s good because it gives you a premium look, instant click response, supports Android and iOS, and fits in all smartphones with and without a back cover.


  • Fits in all smartphones with and without cover
  • Fast & Instant response
  • Innovative capacitive technology
  • Trigger color combination is awesome
  • Interchangeable left and right


  • Weight is a little high
  • Available only one color

Limeshot Trigger

This trigger comes from Limeshot, Limeshot has all types of stylish triggers. This trigger is also built with innovative conduction technology. The trigger is totally different from our shortlisted triggers because its color is totally different.

Its trigger is easily fixable, non-slip, sweatproof, and washable design. The weight of the trigger is a little high because it is stylish.


  • Stylish
  • Color combination is good
  • No battery requirements
  • Innovative technology


  • Not available in more color
  • weight is a little high
  • Not interchangeable


How to test the trigger for PUBG Mobile?

If you don’t have a trigger and want to see some test or how it will work then you should check on YouTube.

Which trigger is best for PUBG Mobile?

There are many best triggers we have shortlisted above.

Is using a trigger on PUBG Mobile cheating?


Disclaimer: I hope this post will help you to get the best trigger for PUBG Mobile. Except for PUBG Mobile, you can play all games like Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc. As we mentioned above that you should not play with PUBG triggers if you want to make your career in gaming because these types of equipment are not allowed in tournaments.

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