Top Beginner Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty: Cold War

You may be a beginner in Call of Duty: Cold War, but you mustn’t completely suck simply because of that. Of course, you’ll need some tips from people who have been in the game before you. Being a first-person shooter, the game’s unforgiving nature will require all the advantages you can get on your part.

Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty Cold War

So this article will share 5 effective beginner tips for fresh Cold War players. Even if you’ve had some experience before now, you’re sure to learn something. Also, we recommend you try out some undetected cold war hacks to help you with any in-game hurdles.

5 Beginner tips for Call of Duty: Cold War

1. Know your whereabouts

If you’ve been playing shooter games for a long while now, you probably know that a single game can have several maps. Cold War had several maps, such as Miami, Crossroads, Diesel, Standoff, and Moscow. Apart from the rural or urban settings on different maps, there are more important things you should look out for.

In Standoff, for example, you’ll face many long-range and sniper-type combats. While on another map, such as Hijacked, the map is designed such that the fights are close-quarter. With this in mind, you’ll know which map requires a sniper rifle and which one requires a pistol. Also, look out for passageways and flank positions that can save you and also help you win. 

2. Weapon attachments vs. skins

Every COD player can relate to the excitement of new skins on your weapons. We congratulate you on that, but there’s something more substantial – attachments. You’ll unlock both attachments and skins as you level up in the game. Attachments vary with different weapons and serve different purposes.

What’s important is your ability to know when and where to use which attachments. For example, if you’re using the M13, you’ll need attachments such as grips, barrels, ammo, and stocks. In terms of ammo, the Mag B is our best pick, while you’ll need a rear grip for stability. In addition, the OWC Tactical Laser will do a clean job for a laser.

3. Pick your guns carefully.

When picking guns, the first thing that should come to mind is your play style and what map you’re playing on. You’ll need good long-range rifles if you’re playing on a map such as Hijacked. In addition to these factors, you should also pay attention to the weapon’s fire and recoil. So far, many players prefer the AK-47 rifle.

The AK-47 delivers massive damage and also offers an impressive fire rate. Since you’re just starting, you’ll need a gun that enhances your accuracy. The best pick in this category is the GRAU 5.56. It boasts an insignificant recoil, which further boosts its accuracy. This gun also has a low damage drop-off across long ranges and bullets that travel at high velocity.

4. Personalize the settings

You may struggle if you just hop on the game with the default settings. Sometimes, it could be the default setting is too fast, while it may be too slow at other times. Thankfully, you can adjust it to suit you. Three major settings you must set right are sensitivity, blur, and audio.

You need to turn the blur feature in your Cold War match off. For sensitivity, you might want to notch the default up by one or two bits – that’s just fine. Footsteps are important in Cold War matches. As such, we advise that you reduce or eliminate unnecessary in-game sounds.

5. Get good headphones

Adjusting your audio settings may not be all you need. You’ll need anything contributing to your ability to hear the in-game sound well. You must get a good set of headphones and not just any kind – you need gaming headphones. 

We recommend 3d gaming headphones. In addition to the balanced sound these headphones produce, they also hint at which direction sound comes from around you. With that in place, you’ll reduce your chances of running into an unexpected enemy. This is because you’ll be able to hear their footsteps before they even get to you.


While some people prefer playing aggressively, many others prefer to fight from a distance. Similarly, people like different settings for settings such as sensitivity and the rest. The ultimate decision is yours to make concerning which weapons and settings you play your game with. More importantly, pay extra attention to familiarizing yourself with the maps you’re playing on. Lastly, get yourself a good set of gaming headphones.

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