Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Characters with Abilities

Hey legends, in this article we are going to share Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile characters with their abilities or power. As of now, there is a total of 9 characters available in this game. Now, players are excited to know which characters will come and most important what abilities they will have. Here, your search is over because in this post you’re going to get every single piece of information related to upcoming characters.

We don’t know when these characters are going to appear in this game. Most probably the date of upcoming characters can be announced after beta testing of the in-game characters. Hope you know before the official launch, a beta app was released to find glitches and bugs.

Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Characters

If you don’t know anything about Apex Legends Mobile characters then we already published a post on this topic. Hope you know that Apex Legends Mobile is launched in only 10 countries so if you want to play this game before its launch in your county so, visit this page Download Apex Legends Mobile.

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What are the Upcoming Characters?

Those in-game characters are currently not in the game but they will come very soon. In the Apex Legends PC version, there are a lot of characters and many of them are not in the Apex Legends Mobile version game. We do not know the reason but we know one thing that is 3 characters are coming soon and their abilities are also available.

In a previous post, we shared all the available Apex Legends Mobile characters in the game. In this post, you’ll see all the upcoming characters with their abilities. Below are the names of upcoming characters in the game.

  • Wattson
  • Crypto
  • Revenant

When Characters will come?

Almost every Apex Legends Mobile game lover wants to know when these characters will come to this game. As we already shared above that these characters may come after the global launch of the game. We have a few more pieces of information related to the question.

These upcoming characters Wattson, Crypto, and Revenant are tested in the beta version of the Apex Legends Mobile game. So, we can say almost everything is ready to launch. You can visit Apex Legends Mobile’s official site and its social media handles for any updates.

Note: The information we shared above is collected from the internet and it can be wrong too. So, it is better to not rely on it.

Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Characters

Finally, your wait is over now because we are going to cover the most important topic of the post and it was also the most searched topic about the game. As we shared above that the current 3 characters are coming in the near future.

We will share below all the three upcoming characters with their abilities or powers (powers and abilities are confirmed). Their abilities are also tested in the beta version of the Apex Legends Mobile game.

Each character of Apex Legends Mobile contains abilities in three categories i.e. Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. From the category name, you can guess the power of ability. Most probably, in each category, you’ll get only 1 ability or power.


Wattson is first on our list of upcoming Apex Mobile Characters and her face is very innocent and she uses her innocent face to fool. You should know that Wattson is a Static Defender and she uses traps and shields to defend her teammates. Wattson should be in teammate if you need a defensive character and her alternative are also available. Below are the abilities or powers of Wattson.

  • Passive (Spark of Genius): Wattson uses this ability (spark of genius) to charge her ultimate (Interception Pylon) by using an item called Ultimate Accelerant.
  • Tactical (Perimeter Security): Using this ability Wattson creates an electrified fence to protect an area from enemies. Electrified fences to damage and down the enemies who cross these protected or secured areas.
  • Ultimate (Interception Pylon): Interception Pylon uses an electrified pylon to destroy incoming ordinance and repair damaged shields. The interception pylon can be charged using the Spark of Genius ability.


Crypto is a surveillance expert character in the Apex Legends Mobile game. This character ability is very powerful and I strongly recommend you to keep the character in your squad. The super abilities of Crypto are mentioned below.

  • Passive (Neurolink): This ability shows how many enemies or squads are present in an area (approx. 30 meters) from the Crypto location. Using this ability you can prepare your squad for a fight or if enemies are more then go away from the area.
  • Tactical (Surveillance Drone): Uses a drone that shows a nearby area from above and this ability can also be used to spy on enemies.
  • Ultimate (Drone EMP): The surveillance drone throws a very strong EMP that slows down enemies as well as disables traps. Use this ability when you think that there can be hidden enemies and traps.


This is the third and last character from our list of upcoming Apex Legends Mobile characters. The ability of This character is also good I’m not saying excellent because a lot of characters are better than him.

From the look, this character looks like a robot. He is a Synthetic Nightmare and very good in the assault. Check below all abilities that he has.

  • Passive (Stalker): This ability let Revenant run faster as well as jump faster in comparison to some characters.
  • Tactical (Silence): We all know that each character has different abilities that they can use to down the opponent. This ability of the Revenant is very powerful because using a device he can disable the enemy’s abilities for up to 10 seconds.
  • Ultimate (Death Totem): This ability helps Revenant to protect his teammates from death just by dropping a totem. If any teammates die then he or she will be returned to the totem.


What is the next Apex Legends Mobile character?

Wattson, Crypto, and Revenant can be the next character in the game. These characters are tested in the beta version of the game as well.

Is Apex Legends coming to Mobile?

Yes, it is available for Mobile devices in 10 countries and coming very soon in other countries too. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to pre-register and get some awesome rewards too.

When these characters will come in Apex Legends Mobile?

Currently, there is no official announcement yet related to the launching date of these characters.

Final Words: Hope you checked the above shared Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Characters with their abilities or powers. If you have any questions or doubts related to this post or our site topic, let us know. When we will get any information related to these characters we will update the page too. So, keep checking the page regularly, and if you are interested to read articles related to this game go to gamexmafia.com

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