Free Fire Diamond Hack for Unlimited Diamonds (New Trick)

Free Fire diamond hack is one of the best methods to get unlimited diamonds in the game for free. Most gamers don’t know about these hacks because they think it is not possible. So, here I’ll share some legit methods that will help you to get a lot of diamonds in Free Fire to buy outfits, skins, crate openings, in-game characters, etc.

There are also some ways to get free diamonds for free but they can be risky and we strongly do not recommend them. If you use them your account can be banned instantly because they are against to Free Fire privacy policy. The methods we will share are completely safe and risk-free and you can execute them very easily.

Free Fire Diamond

There are a lot of gamers who can not afford to buy diamonds. There are mostly young players in the game and I’m sure most of them are school students. This is the reason, I’m sharing the post to help the gamers who want free diamonds in the Free Fire game.

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What is Free Fire?

Almost every player calls the game Free Fire because it is simple and easy to speak. The real name of Free Fire is Garena Free Fire. This is a battle royale game and was released on September 30, 2017. Garena Free Fire game was developed by 111 Dots Studio. This game can be also played on low-end devices too.

Free Fire is one of the most download games in the world. Before a few months, this game made a record of 80 Million+ daily active users. This game has more than 100 Milion+ downloads and 4.2 ratings only on the play store. In gaming channels, the Free Fire gaming channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.

In a Free Fire match, up to 50 players can join where you have to kill other players except your own team to win the match. This game has many best features like other battle royal games that are HD voice chat, text chat, high-quality graphics, etc. Download the game to know everything about the game in detail.

What is Diamond in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, Diamond is the in-game currency. You can use the diamond to buy any item, outfit, pass, game character, etc. If you want any item in the game then you have to spend some diamond to get it and use it in the game.

You have to spend some money to get diamonds in the game.

Free Fire Diamond Hack

Hope you are very excited to know the Free Fire diamond hack to get unlimited free diamonds. A few below-mentioned methods can take some time to get diamonds because they pay very low. So, we recommend you use more than 3 methods so, you can achieve your goal in a very low time.

The last two methods are very popular. You can get thousands of rupees instant so, you can use it to buy Free Fire Diamond. So, keep reading the post and know our all methods and help your friends too.

Note: We will keep adding new and legit methods so, bookmark the page and keep checking the page.


This is the most popular and trustable way to get some diamonds for free. I hope you know, there are a lot of Free Fire players who do live-stream or upload gameplay videos on their YouTube channel. Almost every gamer does a giveaway on his channel so, subscribe to their channel and participate in each giveaway they do.

The chance of getting diamonds or any other giveaway item is very low because thousands of people like you also participate in it. So, keep participating regularly on all YouTube channels. One day you’ll defiantly get Free Fire Diamond.

There are also many fake gamers who giveaways to increase their subscribers. So, stay away from them.

Redeem Code

Using this redeem code you’ll not get any diamonds but you will get awesome outfits and skins. At events, Free Fire launches some Redeem Codes on their social media handles. The players following Free Fire on social media get the redeem codes.

Follow the game on every social media platform to get redeem code. You can redeem the code via their official website.

Almost every redemption code comes for a limited time and for a limited number of players. So, redeem the code instantly when you get otherwise you’ll get nothing.

Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn is one of the easiest methods to get a lot of diamonds in very little time. There are a lot of apps like Paytm, Phonepe, and Google Pay that give real money if someone downloads the app from your link. So, you have to find someone who is not using any app. Once you referred someone, the amount will be credited to your app wallet or bank account instantly or in a few hours.

You can refer the guy from every app if he/she wants to use it. So, you can get a lot of real money to buy Free Fire Diamond.

Task Mate

Task Mate is one of the best and most trusted apps to make some real money by completing real tasks. This app is officially launched by Google so, you can trust it blindly. Currently, the early excess of the app is launched on the Google Play Store but still, you can use it to earn some money.

In this app, you have to complete some tasks for the business. You will get tasks like taking a photo of the nearby hotel, gym, mall, etc., answering survey questions, helping translate English into your local language, etc.

You can also skip the question if you don’t know the answer or don’t want to answer. Once, you completed the task or answered the survey question then the internal team will review it. When the review is completed the task or survey amount will be displayed in your app.

Now, you can purchase Free Fire Diamond using the money. You can download the Task Mate app from the Play Store.

Google Opinion Reward

This is another working and trusted way. This is the most popular method among players who don’t have money but want some diamonds. Many players use this app to get free diamonds.

This app pays for completing surveys but the price of each survey is different. This survey can be related to anything but they will give only easy surveys. In surveys, you have to give your honest opinion.

Go to the Play Store and download the Google Opinion Rewards app. Signup with your email and later you’ll get a demo survey to complete. Complete the demo survey and after a few hours or a day, you’ll get a survey. Complete the survey to earn money to buy Free Fire Diamond.


How to get unlimited free Diamonds?

We have shared all the working and real methods that will help you a lot get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire.

Which method is great for me?

We have explained each method in detail so, now it totally depends on you which method you choose.

Should I Use Free Fire Diamond Hack?

A big No, If you use this type of method you’re Free Fire Account will be banned permanently. So, you will lose your account and everything in it.

Final Words: In the Free Fire diamond hack, there are a total of 5 ways to get unlimited diamonds in the Free Fire game. These ways may take some more time but your Free Fire account will be completely safe and secure. These ways are 100% executable and legit. Let us know your opinion in the comment box about these ways.

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