PUBG Symbols: 500+ Stylish Name Symbols

PUBG Symbols play a most important role to make a PUBG name more stylish and attractive. Nowadays, Everyone wants a unique and stylish name for their PUBG name but sadly they don’t know how to make the name more stylish and attractive. So, are you ready to get a lot of unique symbols in the next few minutes?

PUBG Mobile Name Symbol

If you follow any PUBG streamer then I’m very sure you want to style your in-game name lite him. We all know using a simple name in the game defines you don’t know more about the game or you are a newbie player. So, don’t worry you are going to learn a new thing today.

Don’t like the default font style of the PUBG name? PUBG also accepts a few font styles in the name with or without symbols. You need a PUBG Name Generator tool to change the text style (font style) of the name. In this tool, you have to enter/paste the name and leave the rest on it.

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Hope you know a symbol means a unique sign or character that has a meaning called a symbol. A symbol can be used anywhere to say something without writing.

How to Add Symbols in Name?

If you are a newbie player then maybe you don’t know how to add symbols in your PUBG Name. Actually, there is no specific way to add symbols in the name. You have to change your in-game name to add symbols. Changing the in-game name is not rocket science so, follow the below steps to change your PUBG name.

Note: You need a rename card to change the name. If you don't have then complete 1 to 9 levels to get a free rename card if not collected before.
  • Go to PUBG Mobile or BGMI.
  • Go to inventry and click on crate icon.
  • Now, click and the Rename Card and a popup will be open.
  • Enter your name with PUBG Symbols or stylish PUBG Name.
  • After pesting your name with symbol please check again.
  • Now, click on “OK” button and you’r in-game name will be chnaged in a few seconds.

Congratulations, now your PUBG name has been changed. You can tell your friend that you have just changed your name so, it will be easy for them to find you. If you love to read articles about games in Hindi then visit Sarkari Hindi Status.

PUBG Symbols

PUBG Name Symbols are of many types like alphabet symbols, special symbols, simple symbols, icon type symbols, etc. Using all the symbols properly anyone can definitely make his name stylish and unique. All types of symbols are listed below so, copy the symbol you like and use it in your PUBG Name.

Hope you know, PUBG Mobile (BGMI) does not accept all the symbols in the name. So, it will be very hard to find acceptable symbols. That’s why we have created a list of working PUBG Symbols so, that you don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy finding acceptable symbols.

PUBG Name Symbols

These are the most trending and popular PUBG Name Symbols. Nowadays, millions of players are using these types of symbols. We listed these symbols because they can be used in any type of name. we hope you’ll like these symbols.


Symbols for PUBG

Here is another list of Symbols of PUBG. Here, you’ll also get stylish and unique symbols. You can use the below-listed symbols anywhere in PUBG Name like between the name and side of the name. Choose one or more symbols according to your need and make your name stylish.


Alphabet Symbols

If you want to style any specific character of your name then alphabet symbols will help you a lot. Here, you’ll find both capital and small alphabet character symbols. Sadly there is only one style available because PUBG does not allow all styles.

I͜͡ i͜͡
J͜͡ j͜͡
N͜͡ n͜͡
U͜͡ u͜͡ 


Which is the best PUBG Symbol for me?

We don’t know what type of symbols you like. All the best PUBG Symbols are listed above. So, you can choose from them or let us know if you need more symbols.

How to get a Rename Card?

You need a rename card to change the name in PUBG Mobile or its other versions. You can get a free rename card by completing 1 to 9 levels in PUBG. If you already collected and used the free rename card then you can buy a rename card from the shop section which costs 180 UC. If you don’t have UC then you should wait because sometimes PUBG gives a rename card in Events. So, keep checking all the events regularly.

Final Words: We hope by using these PUBG Symbols you’ll be able to make your PUBG name stylish. If you notice any of the above symbols are not working then let us know and we will remove them in a few hours. You can also add your own symbol by commenting below.

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