PUBG Symbols: 500+ Stylish Name Symbols

Every PUBG player tries to make their name stylish and good-looking. Just by getting a good name, you can not make your PUBG name stylish and good-looking. There is only one way to make the name more stylish and attractive i.e. symbols. Here we will share 500+ PUBG Symbols to make your name stylish.

Hope you know, that there are thousands of PUBG Name Symbols available on the internet but only some work in the game. There is no problem with symbols because PUBG accepts only some symbols as a name. We don’t know any reason behind this restriction but we know that they are doing great for every PUBG player.

Maybe you also play many games including PUBG Mobile. Almost every symbol that we have shared below will work in every game. We just want to tell you that you can also use them in any game if you want.

pubg symbols

Don’t like the default style of your PUBG Name? We have created a tool PUBG Name Generator that converts the non-stylish name into thousands of styles. So, use this tool and let us know that is it working properly or not.

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How to Use Symbols?

If you are a newbie player then maybe you don’t know how to add symbols to your PUBG Name. Actually, there is no specific way to add symbols to the name. You have to change your in-game name to add symbols. Changing the in-game name is not rocket science so, follow the below steps to change your PUBG name.

If you have not chosen a name yet then we can help you. We already created an article where we have shared thousands of PUBG Names for boys as well as girls. So, check out the post to choose an in-game name.

Note: You can use a rename card once and you can change your PUBG name once a day. So, always check the name twice before the final change or confirmation.

  1. Launch your PUBG game.
  2. Go to Inventory and click on the crate icon.
  3. Now, locate rename card and click/tap on it.
  4. A popup will open where you have to enter/paste your new name.
  5. Now, click on the “OK” button and your in-game name will be changed in a few seconds.

In a few seconds, your PUBG Name will be changed. Now, you can tell your friends that you have just changed your name. You can read more articles about games in Hindi on Sarkari Hindi Status.

Benefits of Symbols

There are many benefits of using PUBG symbols in your PUBG name. There are the following benefits.

  • Using a symbol can separate two words’ names.
  • The name looks stylish and attractive
  • Attract other players
  • Use symbols instead of using a word

PUBG Symbols

There are many types of PUBG Symbols like alphabet symbols, signs, and icon-type symbols. brackets symbols, etc. So, we listed each symbol in the different categories based on their style and their name.

Officially PUBG developers are not provided a list of working symbols so, maybe we forget a few symbols to list below, or maybe a few symbols are not working. Hope you understand but we will keep adding new and working symbols for PUBG when we get them.


PUBG Name Symbols

You can use the below PUBG Name Symbols at the start and end of your in-game name. A few symbols also can be used to separate two words. We strongly recommend that you do not use these symbols between single-word names. It will look very poor and irritating you can also take suggestions from your friends too.


Alphabetic Symbols

While styling any name sometimes these alphabetic symbols can help a lot. Here, you’ll get both small and capital alphabetic symbols of each alphabet. The problem with these types of symbols is that they should be used at the beginning of your name. If you use between the name it will look very poor.

Currently, all the below-listed alphabetic symbols are available in only one style for this game but we promise we will keep adding this type of symbol in this category regularly. So, keep checking the page every day for new PUBG Symbols.

A͜͡B͜͡C͜͡D͜͡E͜͡F͜͡G͜͡H͜͡I͜͡ J͜͡ K͜͡L͜͡M͜͡
N͜͡ O͜͡P͜͡Q͜͡R͜͡S͜͡T͜͡U͜͡ V͜͡W͜͡X͜͡Y͜͡Z͜͡
a͜͡b͜͡c͜͡d͜͡e͜͡f͜͡g͜͡h͜͡i͜͡j͜͡k͜͡l͜͡ m͜͡
n͜͡o͜͡p͜͡q͜͡r͜͡s͜͡t͜͡u͜͡ v͜͡ w͜͡x͜͡y͜͡z͜͡ 


Which symbols can be used in PUBG?

Most PUBG players know that we can’t use all the symbols in the game. So, we shortlisted all the symbols above that can be used in PUBG.

How do I insert a symbol in PUBG?

Copy a or more symbols you like and copy your name too and paste them somewhere. Now, add symbols in the name where you want. Now, copy it and change your in-game name and paste it into the name box.

Which name is best for PUBG for boys?

We created an article where we shared thousands of names for boys and girls. You can check all the PUBG Names here.

Final Words: We hope by using these PUBG Symbols you’ll be able to make your PUBG name stylish. If you notice any of the above symbols are not working then let us know and we will remove them in a few hours. You can also add your own symbol by commenting below. Keep reading the latest news and updates about games on

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