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Are you looking for the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile to improve your gameplay? If you don’t have a good sensitivity then it’s will be hard to improve gameplay. Good sensitivity settings can help you to be a pro PUBG player.

There are different sensitivity settings for gyroscope and non-gyro scope players. As you know it helps only 25 percent to improve gameplay and the rest depends on practice.

There are no perfect sensitivity settings. Every player makes their own best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile. So, I’ll give you some ultimate tips to find perfect sensitivity settings.

Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

Do you know the differences between gyroscope and non-gyro scope players and which is the best non-gyro scope or gyroscope? If you don’t know so, let me tell you and It will also help you to increase your PUBG knowledge.

Non-Gyroscope Vs Gyroscope

If you don’t know the differences between them or thinking which is best for me. So, these differences can short-out your problem. All the main differences are below and you also know which is better.

  • Non-Gyroscope is a little slow in comparison with Gyroscope reflexes.
  • You can aim very fast in the gyroscope.
  • Your one or two fingers will free.
  • Gyroscope is better than non-gyro scope.
  • Don’t need to drag your finger down to aim at a point.

Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

There are not exact PUBG sensitivity settings for mobile. Every PUBG player has different sensitivity from each other. They make their own settings and do practice in training matches.

So, if you really want to improve your gameplay then you must have to make your own sensitivity according to your need. You can also copy the sensitivity of any player you liked but you can only improve your gameplay only when you practice hard.

Make Own Sensitivity

In this section, I’ll help you to make your own sensitivity because it will also increase your knowledge about your best game PUBG.

Go to a training match in PUBG Mobile, and pick up a gun you like with its ammo and required things.

Pickup and red dot and shoot any object in the training match. Now, go to settings to customize sensitivity settings and find your best setting. You have to do the same thing with all scopes to get the best sensitivity settings.

If you are still confused then watch the below video.

Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

I hope you got your PUBG Mobile best sensitivity settings. If you are still confused or don’t have enough time to do it. So, let me solve your problem. Here, I have added the best sensitivity settings of the best PUBG player in the World.

I have also added some more information about the best gamers with their subscriber on the YouTube channel. It will save your time and give you an idea to make your own.

Dynamo Gaming’s Sensitivity

He is the most popular PUBG player in the world. Dynamo Gaming is the second most subscribed PUBG gaming YouTube channel in the World. He is the best sniper in PUBG Mobile. You can check his PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings below.

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Soul Mortal’s Sensitivity

Mortal is also a popular PUBG Mobile gamer in the gaming community. He is a well-known gamer in eSports also. He has more than 6.5 Million+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. Check below Mortal’s sensitivity below.

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Scout’s Sensitivity

Scout is also the best gamer of PUBG Mobile and he is also popular like Dynamo, Mortal, and other players. He is also a well-known player in eSports. Scout has more the 3.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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There are also many PUBG players who are most popular in the gaming community. So, it is not possible to add every player’s sensitivity. So, you search on YouTube to see or copy their best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile.

You can check the sensitivity of these players. They are also the best and popular PUBG Mobile player with great skills. So, also follow them to improve your gameplay.

Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

What is the Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile?

All the best sensitivity is mentioned above. Which can improve your gameplay.

What is the Best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile?

Maximum graphics settings is the best for PUBG Mobile.

What is the Best sensitivity for PUBG Lite?

High sensitivity is best.

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