500+ PUBG Clan Names (Stylish & Attractive)

In games like PUBG, the player name or clan name always matters. A stylish and unique name helps a lot to attract other players to your clan. Nowadays finding a unique and stylish name is a little bit difficult. Here, we have listed a lot of PUBG Clan Names for every type of gamer.

clan names for pubg

Before a few months, PUBG also started giving a lot of new items like AG coins, Supply Crate, and a lot of items that can be located in the objective and shop section. The Custom Room Card is most popular because using this card we can play against our friends in the same match.

Nowadays, lots of players have their own clan name but they don’t have a lot of clan members. As a result, their clan level is low. If you also have your own clan at the low level then there are mainly two reasons that are your clan name is not unique and low clan level.

You can’t increase your clan level using UC. So, you should change your clan name to attract more people to join your clan. Once, you added 10-15 active players then your clan level will increase rapidly and more players will join too because everyone looking for an active clan.

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As we know, many players always looking for an active and high-level clan to join because they get, some rewards like UG currency, clan points, scrab coupons, and crates from the clan’s objective section.

What is Clan in PUBG?

PUBG Clan is just like a Facebook group where you can add/Invite players. In the Facebook group, you can add unlimited users but in PUBG Clan you can add up to 55 players. Adding 55 players in clan cab be difficult for those who don’t have social media followers or a lot of friends in PUBG.

PUBG Clan has a total of 10 levels, You can’t increase clan level using UC or any other item. Level by level new items of the shop section will unlock for every clan member.

In the objective section, There are a lot of rewards like AG currency, supply crate, classic crate, paint, etc. You can get these rewards weekly, monthly, and season-wise.

Benefits Unique Clan Name

A stylish and unique clan name is required to attract the attention of other players. Except for, attention, there are also several benefits maybe you don’t know.

  • A unique clan name is easy to remember
  • You can leave a footprint on enemies you killed
  • Unique clan attracts other clans and players attraction
  • Rank your clan in the top 100 by adding pro players
  • Attract more players to add to your clan if you have a unique name
  • Attract the attention of other players by ranking in the top 100 and have a good clan name

How to Change the Clan Name?

Changing the clan name is not rocket science because it is very easy even a 5th standard child can do this. I know, newbie players can be confused for the first time but I’m very sure after this you don’t need to see any article or blog to know clan name changing.

  1. Purchase a clan rename card using clan points from the clan shop section.
  2. Go to PUBG inventory and locate clan rename card.
  3. Click the rename card and hit the use button.
  4. Now a box will open, where you have to enter your new clan name.
  5. Hit the OK button and the name will be changed in few seconds.

Note: A clan name only can be changed every 60 days. So, before changing the clan name always double-check the clan name. I hope you know that only clan leaders can change the clan name.

Choosing Best PUBG Clan Name

Do you know? There are thousands of clans already created with the best and unique names. So, it will be very difficult to choose a stylish and best name but I can help you to create your own unique name. Here are some tips that can help you.

  • Symbol: Different player likes different symbol so, find a symbol you want to use
  • Gaming Word: Find the best gaming names and write them somewhere like notepad
  • Use a Character: I’ll recommend using an alphabet character in the clan name
  • Use Popular Name: Use some popular names you like Mafia, Danger, Killer, Crazy, etc
  • Create Unique Name: You can create your own unique by cutting and combining two or three names you like

PUBG Clan Names

Here are all the best names for PUBG and you can use them. If you don’t like any name then you can create your own unique clan names by combining two or more names you like. You can also use some numbers but try to use only one number because if you’ll use multiple numbers it will be hard to remember.

8Bit MafiaLokiNinja
I MafiaBlack PantherGame x
DrayHellyHell Boys
Black MafiaVisionWanda
Dark CrazWipeYouKill it

Stylish Names

We are HereDare KillerDear Viper
Call me MafiaI’m CrazyCrazy Sniper
One SniperI’m BackGabbar is Back
Sniper ClanWipedAlpha
We are BackSquad AttackI’m Spidy
Hunter SquadCrazy HuntersMr. Mafia
Mafia GangSure to Killit’s Here Choice
Go CoronaLoL JokerGameChanger
Love KillerKiller GuruKiller Squad
Beta JokerHydroSoul

Final Words: I hope you got a stylish clan name, if not then don’t worry because we will keep adding stylish and unique clan names for PUBG. If you find we have forgotten any awesome clan name which should be added then send the name through the comment box of the page and we will add it in a few hours.

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