Apex Legends Mobile Characters with Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the popular games. This game is totally different from other games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, Free Fire, etc. In this game, there are a lot of Apex Legends Mobile characters and each character has different abilities.

The game is available in all countries and anyone can play it by downloading from Play Store or App Store. The main and interesting concept of the game is, you can choose any character (only characters you have) to play the game and all the characters have different powers and abilities. In your team, each player has to choose a character. You can not choose a character if anyone has already chosen it to play the match.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters

As I already mentioned above that there are 9 characters and each character has different power or ability. There are also 3 upcoming Apex Legends Mobile characters. This game is new for everyone so, almost everyone doesn’t know which character has which ability. We will share here each detail about Apex Legends Mobile Characters to save you valuable time.

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What is Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is a game whose concept is totally different from other games. The PC version of this game is very popular and amazing. This game is totally different from other popular and trending games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, COD Mobile, etc. The concept and mechanism of the game are also different.

Maps: The map is very awesome and doesn’t ask about graphics because there are no words to explain it. The concept and ideas for designing the map are totally different. Below we have attached the image of the map. Size, the map is small so, the chances of a fight between the players are very high. It makes the game more interesting.

Apex Legends Mobile Map

Modes: Nowadays almost every popular game has at least 2 modes so, players can enjoy the game without being bored. There are 5 awesome modes in the game so, if you are bored with one mode you can play another mode. Below we have listed all the mode names.

  • Classic Battle Royale
  • Team Death Match
  • 3v3 Arenas
  • Ranked Battle Royale
  • Mini Battle Royale

Graphics & UI: Nowadays every single app and OS is focusing on smooth UI and graphics. If the concept of the game is awesome but the graphics and UI are not then most probably a lot of players will not play the game.

The graphics and UI of the game are very awesome and clean. Hope you know every single game’s graphic is different from other games. If you are playing another battle royale game and you just switched to this game, you may face some problems. Keep playing the game for at least 7 days and you’ll start enjoying the game.

Settings: The settings of this game are awesome I mean you can change the settings of the game according to your need. The layout of this game is also customizable so, you can play 3 fingers or 4 finger claws by changing the game layout.

I hope this is enough for me to share information about this game. Below we have embedded a video of the gameplay of the game.

Why Play Apex Legends Mobile?

A few players are still thinking why play this game? Here, I have a reason that will motivate you to play this game. If you are not playing any single game then you should play a game because these types of games help us to connect with our friends.

  • If are bored with the game you were playing then you should give it a try to this game. I’m sure you’ll love this game a lot.
  • If you are looking for a new game then your search is over now. You’ll definitely enjoy the game.
  • This game has 9 characters and more are coming and I’m sure you know that each character of the game has different abilities.
  • The graphics are outstanding but it is not realistic because the purpose of this game is different from the real world. The perfect example of it is having a look at Apex Legends Mobile characters.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters

Apex Legends Mobile characters are the most hilited part of this game because each character has different abilities. I’m not sure but there is no game that has several in-game characters with different abilities or you can say power. Let me know if you play any game similar to Apex Legends Mobile.

Each character’s power or abilities are divided into 3 parts i.e. Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. The story of each character can be checked in the game as well as their abilities.

  • Bloodhound
  • Bangalore
  • Octane
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Pathfinder
  • Wraith
  • Caustic
  • Mirage

Note: If you think that you can increase the ratio of winning a match by having good characters in your squad that you are wrong. You have to master the use of each character’s ability.


He is one of the most used characters ever in this game because of his abilities. Bloodhound is a technological tracker and one of the greatest hunters. This character has tracking abilities as a result no in-game enemy can hide from him. While playing matches with your quad make sure you or your teammate have this character. So, your squad can track enemies very easily.

  • Passive: Tracker – Bloodhound’s tracking abilities allow you to see any tracks and you can also check that when an enemy crossed the area. So, you can locate him easily.
  • Tactical: Eye of the all-father – This character can easily show and see all the traps, hidden enemies, etc. So, you can save your squad using this ability from hidden enemies.
  • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt – This is also an awesome ability because with this ability the Bloodhound can move very faster as a result he will become Beast of the Hunt.


Bangalore is a female character in this game. She is a professional soldier and belongs to a military background. In short, we can say she has a lot of experience with fights and combat. Now let me share her abilities.

  • Passive: Double Time – This ability increases her running speed by almost 30% while taking fire. The main problem with this ability is that this running speed is one for 2 seconds.
  • Tactical: Smoke Launcher – From the name, you can guess that this ability is related to a smoke grenade. Bangalore can create a thick smoke wall using this ability. This ability is very useful while taking fights with enemies.
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – With this ability, she can destroy everything and more.


Lifeline is a female character and she is 24 years old. From the name of the character, we can understand that this character’s abilities are related to life-saving. So, the understanding of the name is 100 percent accurate. Having this character while playing the game will help a lot while taking fights with enemies. Below more information are available about her abilities.

  • Passive: Combat Revive – Using this ability Lifeline can revive her teammates automatically. This ability will help you a lot while matching.
  • Tactical: D.O.C. Heal Drone – While taking a fight if your teammates’ health goes down then Lifetime can call D.O.C. Heal Drone which will heal her teammates’ health automatically.
  • Ultimate: Care Package – With this ability Lifetime can call a drop full of items like heal items, gun magazines, shields, and much more.


This character is very different in look from others we have shared above. Pathfinder is another level of character who will help to find a path on the map. This character has solutions to all problems related to the path. So, we can this will help you a lot to find a path and more abilities you can check below.

  • Passive: Insider Knowledge – With the help of this ability Pathfinder can find where the next circle will become. So, you can go to the circle before the other players.
  • Tactical: Grapple – This is another outstanding ability of this character. You can use a handy hook to escape from anywhere very quickly.
  • Ultimate: Zipline Gun – This ability will help you to create a line anywhere on the map that other players can use it.


Mirage has a set of customized holo devices so, we can say this character’s all abilities are in his devices. Mirage’s abilities are very awesome and you should try all abilities and I’m sure you will love it a lot. He uses his abilities to trick enemies.

  • Passive: Now You See Me – This ability hides Mirages while reviving his teammates so, Mirage is safe.
  • Tactical: Psyche Out – With this ability mirage fools his enemies to distract enemies. So, Mirage can escape from the fight or rush enemies to kill them.
  • Ultimate: Life of the party – Using this ability Mirage can deploy 5 decoys and he becomes invisible for a few moments. Mirage can use this ability to distract enemies.


Caustic is a great scientist and he has some abilities related to gas. He is a very popular character with some great abilities that can turn a losing match into a winning match. Below are his abilities.

  • Passive: Nox Vision – From the ability of the name we can guess that this ability is going to be related to vision. Using Nox Vision, Caustic can see enemies by throwing his own gas.
  • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap – Caustic has some deadly Nox gas container. He can use this container to harm enemies very easily and he can also use these containers to protect an area from enemies by throwing a Nox gas container near the place. This ability works when an enemy coss nearby these containers and shoots at them.
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Granade – This ability is also very similar to the above ability. Caustic can use these deadly gas grande to harm enemies of a large area.


Wraith is another level of character in this game because she can do something great using her abilities you can not predict. Check the below abilities to know more about this amazing character.

  • Passive: Voices from the Void: When any enemy comes near Wraith, a voice will warn that the danger is nearby. This ability can protect Wraith and his squad very easily.
  • Tactical: Into the Void – Wraith uses this awesome ability to move quickly without taking any damage using his spacetime ability.
  • Ultimate: Dimensional Rift – Wraith can create a portal for up to 1 minute (60 seconds). She can use this ability to escape from a fight or enter into a fight.


Octane is a character who lost his both legs and his friends helped him with his bionic legs. Most of the abilities of this character come from his legs. However, a few abilities come with some limitations.

  • Passive: Swift Mend – Octane can restore his health automatically (1HP/Sec). This ability will help a lot while taking fights.
  • Tactical: Stim – This ability increases speed by 30% but in return, it uses some health. You can use this ability multiple times in return for some health.
  • Ultimate: Jump Pad – Octane can deploy a jump pad so, that Octane and his teammates can jump to go somewhere and there is a double jump option available.


Gibraltar is a very powerful character in this game. This character comes with some powerful abilities that will help a lot to win any fight or match. I recommend you to use this character once to see his abilities.

  • Passive: Gun Shield – There is a gun shield in his arm to protect him and his health while fighting.
  • Tactical: Dome of Protection – Gibraltar can throw down a powerful dome that will protect his teammates from all types of shoots.
  • Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment – He can strike a marked area to kill his enemies very easily and in less time.


Who is the most powerful character in Apex Legends Mobile?

As we know, almost every single character has different abilities so, it is impossible to say which one is more powerful. We have shared the above abilities of each in-game character so now you have to decide.

How many characters are in Apex Legends Mobile?

There is a total of 9 characters available in this game as of 10 April 2022. According to some updates and leaks, 3 more characters are coming very soon.

Is Apex Legends really on Mobile?

Yes, Apex Legends is now available on Mobile for both iOS and Android devices. Currently, the game is launched in only 10 countries which are mentioned above in the post.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

No, Bloodhound is not a girl character.

Disclaimer: Hope you are happy with the information that we shared above related to Apex Legends Mobile Characters. If you notice any missing points or mistakes then let us know and we will fix them in a few hours. You can read more posts related to this game on gamexmafia.com

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