BGMI Free UC Tricks for Unlimited Free UC

There are many BGMI gamers you can not afford to buy UC for crate opening, royal pass buying, or buy other items to make in-game characters more attractive. Most of the BGMI players are youth and it is very hard for them to buy UC. Many gamers don’t know there are many ways to get BGMI Free UC.

The methods we will share with you are 100% working and executable and not against BGMI privacy and policy. If you are thinking we will tell you to install any app and complete tasks to get free UC then you are wrong because these are the worst methods and do not work properly because most are fake.

If you are thinking these free UC will work not everywhere then let me clear that the UC you’ll get for free is a real UC. so, you don’t need to panic and you’ll be able to open every type of crate, Royal Pass, items buy, etc. So, in short, you can buy any item in BGMI with these UC you’ll get for Free.

get free uc in pubg mobile

Will My Account be banned by BGMI after using these methods? the answer is No because we are going to use 100% genuine methods, where you don’t need to change any things in BGMI files. Thousands of people are using these tricks to get Free UC in BGMI every day.

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We all know how important money is so, why need to spend money when you are getting BGMI Free UC for crate opening, item purchase, royal pass purchase, and other skins you want to get in the BGMI game?

Here, we are going to share 5 ways (methods) to get Free UC in the BGMI game. The methods we will share are 100% working and legal according to BGMI’s privacy policy even a few methods are officially launched by BGMI so, don’t think about getting any permanent or temporary ban. So now, are you excited to know all the methods?

Note: A few ways take some time because you are new there are rest depends on your luck. So, you need to give some time to it. You can use all the methods at the same time to get maximum free UC.

Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards application is created by the Google Surveys team. In this app, you need to answer some quick and easy surveys to earn/get Google Play Credit. It can be used to buy anything available on the Play Store. So, you can use this app to earn some google play Credit to buy UC in PUBG Mobile.

There are no signup fees and you don’t need to wait for a long time to get your account approval. If you don’t know how to signup for the app then follow the below steps or skip this section if you already know because it is very easy to sign up.

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for Google Opinion Rewards.
  2. Install, the official app by Google carefully.
  3. After installing, open the app and sign up with the email I’d which is linked with the play store.
  4. After signing up, you’ll get your first survey to complete but you’ll be not paid for your first survey.

Note: This app is not available globally but is available in India. If you belong to other countries then check on the play store.

Task Mate

Task Mate is another App by Google but it is totally different from the Google Opinion Rewards app. In this app, you need to complete simple and easy tasks to get paid in your own local currency. You can skip tasks if you don’t want to complete them and you can complete any task from anywhere and anytime.

Currently, this app is in development and available for some users only. Go to the play store and search Task Mate to check if it is available for you or not. If this app is available for you then download and follow the below steps to signup.

  1. Download the Task Mate app from the Play Store.
  2. Enter the email I’d and choose app language.
  3. Now, choose the language in which you are perfect and click on the “Done” button.
  4. Enter “referral code” if you have any otherwise, click on “don’t have referral code”.
  5. Now, you have to read and accept their agreement.
  6. Congratulation, the sign-up process is now completed.

Participate in Giveaways

Giveaways are only an option to get BGMI Free UC in very little time. There are many PUBG players who do Livestream or upload gameplay on their YouTube channels. So, visit their YouTube channel to get information about upcoming giveaways and their result.

There are also many YouTubers who do fake giveaways to boost their YouTube Channel so, please keep your distance from this type of YouTubers and channels. So, only trust a YouTube channel to participate in giveaways that have at least 300K+ subscribers. Here are a few gamers who do UC and Royal Pass giveaways in almost every gameplay video.

  • Kronten Gaming
  • Levinho
  • Sevou
  • Classified YT

Participate in Tournaments

Tournaments are the most popular and easy way to get thousands of Free BGMI UC. There are tons of apps and organizations that host at least 1 tournament every day. Most of the tournaments are paid and a few are free so, join only free tournaments to understand everything and learn some rules. Join paid tournaments only when you are a good or pro player.

They organize solo and squad matches so, you can play with your squad if you have, otherwise play the solo matches. There are also many tournaments where you’ll be paid when you’ll kill an enemy. They pay real money in a bank account or wallet like Paytm. So, you can use some money you won from tournaments to buy UC or Royal Pass.

Note: There are fake and real tournaments organization and apps so, before joining any paid tournaments always check the app or organization is real. You can also check some sponsored apps by your favorite YouTubers so, the chances of fake tournaments will be 0.

Bonus Challenge

Bonus challenge is one of the best ways to get 1800 per week with many gun skins and outfits. If you are a good player you don’t want to participate in giveaways and tournaments. So, the bonus challenge can help you to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

The bonus challenge allows every PUBG player to get free UC and legendary items. In the bonus challenge, You have to just play PUBG and win the match. You can play any match in a bonus challenge like TDM and classic by giving a battle coin.

In Bonus Challenge, a PUBG player can get up to 1800UC per month and the player can redeem many legendary items including Gun skins, outfits, etc.

  • 100UC = 1000 Battle Coins
  • 200UC = 2000 Battle Coins
  • 300UC = 3000 Battle Coins
  • Gun skin’s redemption cost depends upon its value.
  • Outfit skins redeem cost depends upon its value.

How to Register for Bonus Challenge?

Click the Bonus challenge button which can be located above in the center. You can register for the Bonus challenge which costs around 10UC. PUBG bonus challenges can be played in TDM and classic and you can also play solo or squad matches.

The bonus challenge comes with three levels Novice, Adept, and Expert. Rules are different for each level which is mentioned below.


  • Points: 15/Kill
  • Win Points: 200
  • Cost: 1 Bonus challenge voucher
  • Highest Reward: 1000 Battle coins


  • Points: 30/Kill
  • Win Points: 450
  • Cost: 2 Bonus challenge vouchers
  • Highest Reward: 2000 Battle coins


  • Points: 40/Kill
  • Win Points: 700
  • Cost: 3 Bonus challenge voucher
  • Highest Reward: 3000 Battle coins

How to redeem Battle Coins?

You can redeem battle coins into UC and legendary items from the Bonus challenge. Go to the bonus challenge section then locate redeem and click it. A new page will open where you can redeem battle coins.

Bonus Rewards

In bonus rewards, There are three challenges that win the next squad match, win 3 matches in a row, and The course of the next game is to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. You will get lots of battle coins if you are a pro player and believe that you can win the matches.

If you are not an average or newbie PUBG player then the last challenge can help you. In the last challenge, you have to use just your mind before starting a match. I’m just a good player and I’m also using it to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

In this challenge, you have to guess the plan direction in PUBG. I have some tips you can apply to get better results and you can also search on YouTube.

Pro Tip: There are plane direction changes that are mentioned below so, follow these pro tips to win.

  • East: 0.6%
  • West: 0.6%
  • North: 1.4%
  • South: 1.4%
  • North East: 31%
  • South East: 22%
  • South West: 33%
  • North Waste: 10%

Why Use BGMI Free UC Trick

There are also several reasons to use BGMI Free UC methods. So, let me explain every reason one by one where you’re all doubts can be clear. We also know we need some outfits, skins, and most important PUBG Names to make our PUBG character stylish.

  • Don’t need to spend money to buy UC because you’ll get it for Free.
  • You can buy any item and open any crate.
  • You can save lots of money too.
  • Get free outfits and skins for your character.
  • No risk of an account ban.


How to Get Free UC in BGMI?

In the article, we shared 6+ ways that will help you to get free UC in BGMI. All the ways are simple and executable. Many players use these ways to get free UC in BGMI.

How to get 360UC in BGMI?

You can get more than 360 UC using one or more above mentioned methods.

Final Words: I hope these 6+ methods will help you to get BGMI Free UC to royal pass buy and other items you want to buy. We will always update this article with the latest information and add more real methods to get free UC. If you know any other way to get Free UC then contact us this will help thousands of BGMI players.

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