How to Change Name in PUBG New State

When a new game or any app launches, to understand its mechanism you have to spend some time on the app or game. As we know, the most awaited game PUBG: New State just launched. A lot of players just entered a random in-game name to test the game but now, want to change their name in PUBG New State.

Change Name in PUBG New State

In PUBG Mobile and BGMI, it was simple and most of the players know the steps to change the in-game name. But in this version of PUBG Mobile, things are different but don’t worry we will help you.

PUBG: New State just completed 10 Million+ downloads in just 2 days after launch on Google Play Store. This game was also the most awaited game of 2021.

Why Change Name?

There are a lot of reasons to change the name in PUBG New State. After, the launch of this game, a new opportunity is available for those people who want to rank their gaming YouTube channel. If you also want to create a YouTube channel but are not an expert in gaming then you can upload videos related to upcoming updates, leaks, upcoming crates, tips, and tricks, etc.

As we know, we need a stylish and unique name to create a YouTube channel. Most of the players recommend using PUBG Name as your YouTube channel name. So, this is the first reason to change the in-game name and the second reason is below.

If you just entered any random name to test the most awaited game and now you are enjoying the game. So, you need to change your name if you don’t like it.

The third and main reason, if you don’t like the name or find any new PUBG Name better than the previous name. So, you definitely change your name because in the future it will irritate you.

How to a Get Name Ticket

There are only two ways to get a Name Ticket the first is an event or redeem code and the second is paid way where you have to pay a small amount of NC to get it. Check all the events and redeem codes regularly to get a rename card. Below, we explained how to buy a Name Ticket to change your name.

  • Make sure you have updated your game or app (PUBG New State)
  • Go to shop section and loacate Name Ticket
  • Buy the name ticket by paying a small amount of NC
  • Once, you bought the Name ticket you can check it into your game Inventry.

If you want to change your name in PUBG New State follow the below-mentioned steps.

Change Name in PUBG New State

When the PUBG New State was launched that name-changing feature was not available. Thousands of players requested PUBG New State to add a feature to change Name in PUBG New State just like PUBG Mobile and its other versions.

On your a lot of requests, a feature is coming to the game in January 2022 update. In PUBG Mobile, you need a rename card to change your name and in New State, you need a Name Ticket to change your name.

  • Go to inventery (PUBG New State)
  • Locate/find Name Ticket
  • Now, tap on the name ticket and click to use button
  • In the last step, just enter your awesome PUBG Name and click on done.
  • Once you clicked on the done button, your PUBG New State name wil be chnaged in a few seconds.

Note: A Name Ticket can be used once and you can change the name once a day.

Disclaimer: Don’t be sad and keep your gaming continue a feature will definitely be available to change the name in PUBG New State. So, wait and keep checking this post or website to get any updates about this topic.

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