Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Crafting

You can discover a lot of content in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are plenty of perilous circumstances to get lost in, whether you’re taking in competitive PvP, completing solo tasks, or venturing into dungeons. An MMO game would be impossible to envisage without player-created objects.

A key component of gameplay that adds interest to the game is crafting. With ESO, users can craft several tools to aid them in the game. In addition to being a fun and engaging hobby, crafting in ESO can help you generate a lot of ESO Gold and equipment for your characters. Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online refers to seven distinct vocations. Every profession concentrates on goods that fit specific builds.

Gamers should concentrate on levelling up the professions that are most pertinent to their character because of the way the levelling system operates. All crafting professions are covered in detail in this comprehensive book, along with material farming, levelling, and making techniques for maximising equipment and consumables.

Crafting Professions 

Class and preference are the two main determinants of the appropriate careers for each character. Tanks with heavy armour are most suited for the Blacksmith profession since they can create and enhance armour in-game. Blacksmiths may also create a variety of metal objects and weapons. On the other hand, in order to produce improved light armour, mages should level up the Clothier profession. DPS builds should aim to level up Woodworking in order to make the bow and arrows.

  • Provisioning: Prepare meals and make beverages that temporarily enhance performance.
  • Clothier: Make light and medium armour and enhance it.
  • Blacksmithing: Make and enhance metal weapons and bulky armour
  • Enchanting: Craft glyphs to improve armour, jewellery, and weaponry.
  • Woodworking: Make and enhance shields, staves, and bows.
  • Alchemy: Concoct poisons and potions with different consequences.

Collection of Items

Look for plants, minerals, mushrooms, clean water sources, and other items as you explore the wilderness; these can be used for Clothing, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Jewellery Crafting, Alchemy, and Enchanting. You will be urged to gather resources when you come across them. No particular equipment or talents are needed for resource harvesting; however, some passive skills and Champion powers can help you gather more effectively or harvest materials at a higher level. By disassembling equipment at crafting stations, you can also obtain resources.

Skills to gather the resources for crafting

To locate the materials you need, though, you’ll need to have a keen eye because they frequently lie outside the main road and blend in with their surroundings. Fortunately, a few skills are available in each crafting skill level to help with this endeavour.

Keen Eye is the first. It will be difficult to overlook the resources that are highlighted by this passive skill. The radius in which resources illuminate will gradually increase as you raise this stat. This is an essential ability if you enjoy exploring every area and gathering goods on your own.

Hirelings is an additional passive that ESO provides for every skill line. After investing points to advance this skill, you will receive a message in your mailbox each day that is composed of several parts.

Crafting station

After gathering the necessary materials, proceed to a crafting station. Though there are cooking stations at various campsites across Tamriel, most major towns have a sector dedicated to each of the crafting skills. The two important steps are:

The first- Refine

The crafting menu’s first choice is Refine. It’s also the initial stage of making something from scratch. Iron ore and other raw materials are refined into iron ingots, which are then utilised as the components of new machinery. Before attempting to begin the process, make sure you have plenty of the components you frequently require. Engage with the station once you’ve located it to open the crafting menu. Although there are a few little differences between each talent, crafting functions essentially the same for all of them.

The second- Creation 

You’re prepared to craft after transforming raw materials into something useful. You can choose from a range of options on the creation tab, such as the kind of object you want to build, the material it will be constructed of, its style, and any features you want to include.


One crucial component of the professional system is deconstruction. Using this skill, one can demolish an object and extract some useful metatarsals. Certain professions cannot be disassembled. Alchemists and Provisioners, for instance, are unable to achieve this. However, enchanters, blacksmiths, clothiers, and woodworkers can.

Deconstructing is useful for more than just tempers and resources. In that profession, you gain experience when you destroy an item. It’s among the greatest strategies to advance in your line of work.

The Quality of the items created

In Elder Scrolls Online, every item has a unique “quality.” The colour of the name indicates the quality. Legendary, with a yellow title, is the highest quality, and Normal, with a white title, is the lowest. Legendary goods are expensive, powerful, and rare. You can produce goods of varying quality. For instance, a provisioner may use recipes of varying quality to provide meals of varying quality. Moreover, an Enchanter can use various rune stones to produce runes of varying qualities. 

Buy ESO Gold so you can use it to enhance valuable goods if you’ve obtained the required weapons, food, and potions. It can be necessary to raise your survivability, improve your damage or healing capabilities, or upgrade your gear to gold quality. For example, you might need to purchase more costly food items that have somewhat higher stats instead of choosing less expensive options.


The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to crafting, and making your customised goods is incredibly fulfilling. Now that you have your supplies together, get ready to start a fun crafting adventure in ESO.

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