Learning How To Create Video Game Tutorials: Secrets of Effective Content

There are an infinite number of video game tutorials today on the Internet, taking up a considerable proportion of uploads on platforms like YouTube. So, what makes them so popular to the public?

If you still wonder how it works as a new content creator, let’s continue reading to gain helpful information on the secrets of effective content for video game tutorials.

Learning How To Create Video Game Tutorials

Step 1: Preparing to create a tutorial video

The first step is to gather all the requirements to create your tutorial video. Follow the below tips for the best preparation before the content creation process.

➜ Defining the purpose and target audience

In order to make polished content, you have to know the purpose of your video and define who will be watching it. You may ask yourself, ‘Why did I create this video,’ ‘What do I want to show the viewers,’ ‘Who are my viewers,’ and so on. Having the target audience in mind, you’ll be able to create a more focused series of videos, which makes it easier for your channel to become viral.

➜ Choosing a genre and game

You may choose your favorite genre and game to start creating tutorial videos since you should know best why it is attractive and worth trying. It’s important to pick something you can play skillfully and that you can help others learn to play. Your tutorial videos are more likely to be accessible to the public when you have deep knowledge and experience in the game or genre you have chosen.

➜ Preparing equipment and necessary software

The next preparation step is to equip yourself with reliable recording software that brings out the desired elements of your game tutorials. A gameplay recorder with features like highlight review, montage creation, and editing tools would be an ideal choice for your tutorial content. Moreover, the video library allows you to keep your game recordings in one location for organization and accessibility.

Step 2: Creating a scenario

To encourage a more applicable method for improvement, you should create a scenario in your game tutorials so that your viewers can grasp a few core concepts from the video. For educational purposes, the scenario must be relevant to the stage or level of your target audience. Teaching newbies must be a lot different from sharing your tips with veteran players.

Step 3: Video Recording

At some points during the video recording process, you may wonder which elements are the best practices for your game tutorials. Here are two things you can focus on to deliver better tutorials.

➜ Professional voiceover and commentary

With your equipment and accessories, you can include a professional voiceover and commentary in the tutorial videos. This helps viewers gain a thorough understanding of what happens during your gameplay. You don’t need to explain everything going on in the game; instead, comment on parts that you think might be useful for the target audience. It also makes your video more fun to watch, engaging viewers in more interactions and potential subscriptions.

➜ Demonstration of game moments

You should demonstrate game moments by utilizing highlight effects and editing tools available on the recording software. This allows your viewers to know which moments to focus on and, at the same time, makes your tutorial more educational and informative. However, don’t pollute your content with excessive highlights since you may lose your audience’s attention, and they end up learning nothing from the tutorial.

Step 4: Montage and post-production

Once you have recorded your gameplay, creating a montage and optimizing post-production is essential to producing good tutorial videos. This process involves clipping and editing footage, adjusting lightness and colors, and controlling the length and flow of your content. You don’t need to possess crazy video editing skills thanks to the easy tools available on Insight’s game recorder. To be precise, you just need to make the content simple to follow and appealing to the eyes.

Step 5: Uploading and promotion

The final step is to upload your tutorials on a video platform, particularly one that has a large gaming community. To promote your content, don’t forget to share it on other social media and discussion forums as well. For further engagement, you need to constantly participate in the comments section by answering questions and replying to feedback from your audience.

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