Minecraft 1.22: What is NEW?

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.22: More Opportunities

The game continues its development, constantly acquiring new content. Before you find out what awaits the game world in the future, players should pay attention to past updates and remember what the developers of Mojang added to them.

It is important to look back at past updates, as developers frequently continue their ideas from old versions by adding new details. For example, there is an opinion that in Minecraft 1.22 the theme of End dimension will be continued and there will be even more unusual plants and mobs.

Minecraft 1.21

The Mojang team decided to test what the players are capable of and what experience they have gained during the existence of the game. To do this, the developers have created Trial Chambers. These are dungeons inhabited by hostile mobs, for example, Breeze. All enemies appear in these locations with the help of the Trial spawner.

Also, Armadillo appeared in Minecraft PE 1.21, who lives in savanna and drops items useful for crafting after death.

Minecraft 1.20

Those interested in archaeology are provided with all the possibilities for excavation in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20. Trails and Tales update allows players to search for unique objects using brushes. Sniffer can also help users in their search.

Cherry Grove is a unique location where users can find wood. They can also collect petals falling from trees.

Minecraft 1.19

When creating Wild Update, the developers paid attention to new locations. For example, Ancient cities appeared, where the Warden often spawns.

Players should also visit the Mangrove Swamps in MCPE 1.19, where there are some resources. For example, a special kind of wood, from which it is possible to make a boat.

Minecraft 1.18

The Caves update contains a lot of new content. For the first time, Warden appeared in the game. This is a creepy boss who is blind, but can sense when players are nearby.

This mob guards underground locations in Minecraft 1.18 such as Deep Dark. Players can also find some variants of Sculk blocks that can detect the presence of mobs by sounds.

Minecraft 1.17

Developers have created new biomes and structures in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17. This update contains Lush and Dripstone caves. Players can also find unusual inhabitants there, such as axolotls.

On the tops of mountain biomes, players can meet goats.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.22: More Opportunities

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