The Best Ways To Gear Up Fast In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands has introduced players to captivating gameplay. Since its release in 2004, the game has been able to grab the attention of hardcore and casual gamers. What makes WoW popular is its constant updates. 

Unlike other games, WoW ensures that every update and upgrade can enthrall players and build their interest. But one aspect that continues to trouble every WoW is gearing up fast. With the right gear, you can quickly address the challenges in advanced missions. 

Gear Up Fast In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

Whether you are resuming WoW after a long gap or a newbie, the following strategies will help you gear up faster in WoW. 

Concentrate on Crafting 

For item levels 151 to 168, you can find a wide variety of gear items available. For instance, there are tailored outfits for wearers. Moreover, you can choose from a vast selection of trendy leatherwork and blacksmith materials. 

Players also get the opportunity to accessorize their characters with foot wraps, handcuffs, cowls, cloaks, etc. These are some essential equipment you can opt for in WoW. Note that there are two ways through which you can get these items. 

The most preferred option is to rise to a higher level and collect the materials available. Another alternative is to purchase directly from the WoW auction house. If you are a beginner, you will find the essential craft items affordable. cheap wow boosting is the easiest way to keep pace with all the new accessories and gear in the game. 

Try to Complete the Story Campaign 

Completing the story campaign in WoW is an effective strategy to gear up. It grants you access to your character’s unique abilities and also lets you earn rewards. Additionally, completing the storyline offers you a solid foundation of essential gear. Successfully completing the quests will award you several pieces of equipment when you make substantial progress. 

The Significance of Venturing into the Dungeons 

For most players, dungeons are a one-stop source of excellent gear in WoW. The familiar dungeons in Shadowlands are normal, mythic, and orheroic. While venturing into the dungeons, you can collect items leveled from 158 to 184. 

As you progress, you can also unlock higher difficulty modes which provide better rewards. Expert WoW players always suggest using the Dungeon Finder tool to collect equipment successfully. 

Set Objectives for Legendary Gear 

As a WoW player looking to gear up, you must set objectives for legendary equipment pieces. As the game advances, your main aim should be to acquire Soul Ash. During the Covenant Quest, you will encounter Torghast, the Tower of the Dammed. 

Note that it is a challenging dungeon where you must be aware of your strategies. While venturing into this dungeon, you can collect items leveled from 190 to 235. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t get legendary gear on your first attempt. After you secure 1250 points, aiming for this gear becomes easier. 

Claim the PvP Rewards 

If you have an affinity for PvP contests, collecting PvP rewards is relatively straightforward. Players should engage in battlegrounds and arenas to get Honor and Conquest Points. You can exchange these currencies for versatile gear. Note that these pieces of equipment are effective in PvE, too. 

Try Mixing Up Your Missions 

Competing in missions with varying difficulty levels is one of the effective ways to collect gear. Even if you are a beginner, competing in mixed tasks can help you acquire different types of items. You will have the opportunity to collect more items and learn the essential tricks. Gaining a lot of equipment like guns becomes simpler when competing in missions of varying difficulties. 

Actively Participate in the Community Events 

Actively participating in community events is another strategy that will help you gear up. Keep track of special in-game events and community-driven initiatives. For instance, WoW regularly organizes quests and special holiday events during Christmas. 

Through these events, you can get unique gear that will set your character apart. On the other hand, engaging with the WoW community also lets you learn strategic skills through group activities. 

Gearing up quickly is feasible in WoW only when you have the right strategies and dedication. Irrespective of your preference in PvE or PvP, there are plenty of tactics to acquire upgrades for equipment. 

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