3+ Ways to Update PUBG Mobile in 2021 (Working Ways)

There are three ways to update PUBG Mobile easily in 2021. If you don’t want to update via Play Store then you can do this through our ultimate guide. All the ways are shared below 100% working and trustable. So, don’t worry about it and leave the rest on us.

Without updating PUBG Mobile you can’t play it. If you’ll not update it it will say to exit the game or update it. Sometime due to any reason people don’t want to use so, in this type of case can help you.

PUBG always comes with many new updates like error fix, glitch fix, new season, a new mode, and many other things. PUBG always focuses on quality updates to make it the most powerful and used game in the world.

Update PUBG Mobile

We know that many players are using cheats to win matches in PUBG Mobile but PUBG always updates its algorithm to ban these types of players. You can also update any beta version of PUBG Mobile like PUBG New State Beta using our methods.

Importance of Update

Updating PUBG Mobile is most important. You can use it without update it, if you want to use it without updating then you can not play with those players who have updated version of PUBG Mobile.

There are many important and benefits of Updating PUBG Mobile. A few importance and benefits are mentioned below. If you are not interested to know it then you can skip this section to save valuable time.

  • New Season: Every PUBG Mobile user will get an update on the new season before launching the season. If the current season of PUBG is season 18 then you’ll get an update before a few days of launching season 19.
  • Glitches Fix: Many glitches are available in PUBG Mobile and many glitches come with new seasons. To fix glitches PUBG launches an update.
  • Improve Gameplay: A game always needs some improvements to make it best and advanced.

Why Update PUBG Mobile

Do you know? Why you should always update PUBG Mobile. If you don’t know then let me explain. These reasons will also help you to improve know knowledge about the awesome game.

  • New Update
  • Improve Gameplay
  • Improve Game
  • Cheater Ban
  • New Skins
  • New Items
  • Glitches Fix
  • Continue Using PUBG Mobile
  • New Features
  • New Maps
  • Gun Updates
  • Redeem Codes
  • and much more…

Update PUBG Mobile

It’s Very easy to Update PUBG Mobile with or Without the play store. You need to follow some most the easy ways to update it. I have divided it into different sections to make it easy for you the first section is with the play store and the second is without the play store.

Almost every time You’ll get updates on the PUBG Mobile app. So, you can also update it from the same app. If you are not getting any updates but the latest update is available then you should use VPN.

With Play Store

If you want to update with play store then follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Play Store and search “PUBG Mobile”.
  2. Click on the official app and wait a few seconds.
  3. Now, you can see an update button if any update is available.
  4. If you are not getting any update but an update is available then you have to wait a few hours to get an update.
  5. If you don’t want to wait a few hours then install any VPN and connect it to any country like the USA and UK.
  6. After connecting VPN, you’ll get the update of PUBG Mobile on the play store.

Note: Don’t connect VPN to a country where PUBG Mobile is banned.

Without Play Store

You can Update PUBG Mobile without the play store also. There are one working and the best way available. I’m saying the best ways because there are also many third-party websites that are not trustable. Update PUBG from a not trustable source causes PUBG account ban.

If are updating it without the play store then you need more internet data because you have to download the updated version. Follow the below steps to update without the play store.

  1. Go to tap.io or search it on google or any search engine you like.
  2. Open tap.io official website and search for PUBG Mobile.
  3. Click on the official PUBG Mobile to open it.
  4. Now, you’ll get a download button to download Updated PUBG Mobile.

Note: Don’t forget to check the last updated date on tap.io or any source you downloading PUBG Mobile from.


How to Update PUBG Mobile New Version?

You can update PUBG through the Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iOS Users). You can also update it by downloading latest updated version from any third party sites.

What is the Current Version of PUBG Mobile

1.2.0 is the current version of PUBG Mobile as of now.

Disclaimer: In this post, you learned 2 ways to update PUBG Mobile. If you are getting any issue while updating PUBG to a new version then tell us the issue to get a solution through the comment box. You can share this post with other players who don’t know these ways.

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