Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Settings (Zero Recoil)

In all action and battle royale games, the sensitivity settings are given. Some gamers play these types of games very fast and some gamers love to play slowly. So, you can control these things through the sensitivity settings. Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings also help gamers to control in-game gun recoil.

Every professional gamer recommends every gamer create his own sensitivity because if you create your own sensitivity settings it will work great for you. Due to a lack of technical knowledge, most new gamers don’t know how to create their own sensitivity settings.

Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Settings

If you also want to create your own sensitivity settings but don’t know when and how to start? Don’t worry I’ll also guide you on how to create your own sensitivity settings in Apex Legends Mobile game. I’ll also share a good sensitivty settings which is very good to improve your gameplay.

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What is Sensitivity In a Game?

In-game, sensitivity settings are a method or way to control your in-game screen shake to make it faster or slower. There are a lot of gamers who is master in any game and he uses fast or high sensitivity settings so, they move their character very quickly, these things are called reflexes.

Using or creating a perfect sensitivity setting anyone can minimize his in-game gun shake so, it will be very easy to eliminate any enemies when he is away from you. In short-range fights, there is no need for recoil control.

There are a lot of popular games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, Free Fire, and of course Apex Legends Mobile which allow its users to change sensitivity settings according to their needs.

Benefits of Good Sensitivity

There are several benefits of having good sensitivity settings in any game. A game must have sensitivity settings option so, that players can change it according to their needs. The benefits of having good sensitivity settings are as follows:-

  • Aim Improve
  • Gameplay Improve
  • Low recoil
  • Fast reflexes
  • Match winning ratio increases

Create Your Own Sensitivity Settings

Copying someone’s sensitivity settings you can not be a pro-level player unit you create your own sensitivity settings. We always recommend everyone create their own sensitivity settings for any game. Creating your own sensitivity settings takes some time that’s why a lot of players copy and use someone’s sensitivity.

If you want to create your own sensitivity settings but don’t know how to create them, don’t worry below we will provide step by step guide on how to create your own sensitivity settings.

  • Step 1: Go to the sensitivity settings section and reset all the settings using the reset button.
  • Step 2: Now go to Maps (click on the left side button of the PLAY button) and go to free practice.
  • Step-3: Select the firing range map and start (PLAY) it. This is the training map, where you’ll find each in-game gun or weapon and all the equipment of the game.
  • Step 4: Pick up any gun with any scope and start firing on a target. Now, go to the sensitivity settings page and customize settings and check again.
  • Step 5: After checking this, you’ll find the perfect sensitivity settings for the equipment. Now, it’s time to try the same thing with different equipment.

Note: I already mentioned above this is a time-consuming process but you’ll learn many things from this.

Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Settings

There are two types of players in any game, some players use their fingers to move an in-game character anywhere and the other one is the players who use GYRO. The number of players who uses their fingers to play the game is very high because it is very simple and easy. On the other hand, the GYRO takes some more time but its result is outstanding.

Very thanks to the game developers because Apex Legends Mobile game has both settings (GYRO and Non-GYRO). So, we will share sensitivity settings for both types of players Gyro players as well as non-gyro players.

Screen Swipe (Non-gyro)

This section contains sensitivity settings for only non-gyro players. In Apex Legends Mobile it is known as Screen Swipe.


Overall Sensitivity Scale100%
Vertical Sensitivity Scale100%
Sensitivity Acceleration ModeSpeed ACC
Overall Sensitivity PresetsMedium

Aim and Fire

Linked Sensitivity AdjustmentOn

FPP Without ADS


TPP Without ADS


Iron Sight 1x Optic ADS


2x Optic ADS


3x Optic ADS


4x Optic ADS


6x Optic ADS


8x Optic ADS


10x Optic ADS


Free Camera

Free Camera (Focus)200%
FPP Free CameraOFF
TPP Free CameraOn


Ordnance Sensitivity99%
Legend (Throwing) Ability Sensitivity99%

Gyroscope Mode

In this section, you’ll find Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings for gyroscope players. Hope you are excited to try new settings to improve your gameplay. In this settings section, there is the option to turn ON or OFF gyroscope settings.


Gyroscope ModeChoose one
Invert Horizontal ControlOff
Invert Vertical ControlOff
Gyroscope Overall Sensitivity Scale100%
Gyroscope Vertical Sensitivity Scale10%

Aim and Fire

Linked Sensitivity AdjustmentOn

Gyroscope FPP without ADS


Gyroscope TPP without ADS


Gyroscope 1x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 2x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 3x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 4x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 6x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 8x Optic ADS


Gyroscope 10x Optic ADS



What are the best settings for Apex Legends Mobile?

The best sensitivity for Apex Legends Mobile has been mentioned above and Apex Legends Mobile Settings (Basic and Gameplay) are here.

What should my sensitivity settings be on Apex Legends Mobile?

It depends on how you play the game however the best sensitivity for every player is above. So, you can use these sensitivity settings too.

How do I make my Apex Legends Mobile smooth?

We have a few tips that may help you to make Apex Legends Mobile smooth.
1. Enough space in internal memory, 2. Stable Internet connection, 3. Do not download the maps you don’t play with. If these tips are not working so please check Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements.

What sensitivity do pro gamers use?

There are no specific sensitivity settings that the pro gamers use. Pro gamers create their own sensitivity according to their mind and need.

Final Words: We hope you’ll love this post and after applying these Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity settings your gameplay will be improved, don’t forget to give some to these sensitivity settings because every new thing needs some time to work. A good sensitivity setting only works when practicing a lot. Keep reading interesting and informative posts related to Apex Legends Mobile on gamexmafia.com

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