Top BGMI Tournament App (Free Entry & High Rewards)

BGMI Tournament can be a source of passive income for BGMI players. Most gamers know about the BGMI tournaments but the problem is that not every player has entry fees to try these tournaments. Hope you know, maximum youngster plays the BGMI and most of them are students. So, it can be hard for them to afford the tournament’s entry fee. In this post, we will share the BGMI tournament app where entries are free but rewards are high.

Here, we will guide you on how you can make some money just by playing your favorite game BGMI from home or where you live. This is a great opportunity for those young players who want to make some money to handle their personal expenses.

If you say that we don’t have enough gaming skills in BGMI to enter or participate in BGMI tournaments, then you are wrong. I know you need a team and a high level of gaming skills to participate in BGMI official tournaments. I know anyone can join in those tournaments but only a few can survive.

BGMI Tournament

Except for the BGMI’s official tournaments, there are also a lot of options available and we are going to talk about them. On this topic, we will guide you on each step and provide a lot of tips so, that you can make some passive income. We will also share some trusted platforms to play BGMI-free tournaments as well as paid tournaments.

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What is BGMI Tournament?

BGMI tournaments mean tournaments that are only organized for the BGMI game. In these BGMI tournaments, there are both types of tournaments organization that are officials and non-officials. Let me explain below both types of tournament organization.

Official organization: In the organization of the official tournament, the winning amount is very high as well as the competition. It is almost impossible to enter these tournaments when you don’t have good gaming skills. I’m sure you know about this and if you want to check the competition level in it then watch some videos related to tournaments on BGMI’s official YouTube channel.

Non-official organization: There are several small and medium organizations that created a platform so, other regular players can also play tournaments. You can participate in these tournaments just by paying a small fee and they also organize free tournaments also. You can play these types of small tournaments from home also.

Why Play Tournaments?

Here we will share some reasons that play clear a few doubts. Maybe you know a few reasons but I’m sure you don’t know every reason. So, read and understand each reason or point to learn something new.

  • Passive Income: If you are a good player and don’t have an income source yet so, I recommend you to play some free tournaments to explore it.
  • Gaming Skills: Your gaming skills will improve day by day because you’ll learn some things from those players who are playing tournaments for a long time.
  • Connection: You’ll meet a lot of players so, you can ask them to play with you.
  • Popularity: If you are playing well in the tournaments, most probably new good players can be your friends. As a result, your popularity will be increased among the players.

Rules of BGMI Tournament

Different organizations have different rules but a few rules are very common. You have to remember all the rules and you have to follow them also. If you avoid any rule then they can remove you from the match.

  • Don’t use any glitches in matches
  • Do not use any third-party app to take any type of advantages
  • You can’t use any BGMI Mod APK
  • You have to join the custom room as per the given time otherwise you can’t join.
  • Tricks are not allowed

These are the common rules you must follow and you can check all the rules in the platform that you are using. So, always try to avoid those things which are against to rules.

BGMI Tournament App

Hope you understood all the rules and information that I shared above. Here, we will share the BGMI tournament App where you can play tournaments to make some money and learn some skills. The platform that we are going to share below is free as well as paid. It means you have to pay a small fee to enter paid tournaments. You don’t have to pay any amount for free tournaments.

There are a lot of apps and websites available on the internet that also organize tournaments. Most of the apps and tournaments are fake and these apps are created to steal your money. So, do not share any data and money on that types of apps.

Note: If you are a beginner and never played these types of tournaments then we strongly recommend you do not join paid tournaments. In paid tournaments, you may lose your money. You can also make some money from free tournaments also if there is any winning price.


PlayerZon comes first on our list. On this platform, there are only 3 games i.e. BGMI, Free Fire, and Call of Duty. This platform organizes both free and paid tournaments which is very good for beginners. In many matches, sometimes they also offer money per kill and that’s why this app is on the first number in our list.

You can play tournaments on this platform just by downloading their official app. You can download the PlayerZon app from their official website. You can withdraw your winning money using your UPI and Bank account.

Battle Game

BattleGame is also very similar to the PlayZon platform. You can also use this platform if you don’t want to use the above. This platform organizes tournaments of only games i.e. Free Fire and BGMI.

You can download the Battle Game app from their official website’s download page. You can add and withdraw money using UPI and Bank.


How can I join a BGMI tournament?

In unofficial tournaments, you’ll get a custom room and password to join it.

Can we earn money by playing BGMI?

No, you can not earn money by playing BGMI. If you want to make money then you should play some tournaments.

Which is the best app for the BGMI tournament?

The Playerzon and BattleGame is the best app for BGMI tournaments. They also launch some free tournaments for those who don’t want to invest money.

Final Words: We hope you will love the BGMI tournament app that we have shared above. If you have any other app which is trusted and good then contact us we will add them to our list. We strongly recommend you do not join paid tournaments unit you have good gaming skills. Let me know in the comment box if you have more tournament apps that are legit.

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