BGMI Mod APK Download v2.5.0 (No Ban) July 2023

What If nobody can eliminate you in the BGMI game and you have access to all the things you want? It looks like imagination in the game because it is not possible but it is true. There is a different version of BGMI that can help you to do anything and no one can eliminate you in the game. The version of BGMI is called BGMI Mod APK. In this article, we will share all the information related to it.

Most probably you know about the Mod APK, if you don’t know don’t worry we will tell you below in the post. There are also some disadvantages to using the Mod APK of BGMI or any other game. Disadvantages are also mentioned at the bottom of the posts.

Hope you know that if you use an old version of the Mod Apk then your account can be banned. So, always check the APK version before install on your device. The current version of the Mod Apk we have shared below is 2.5.0. Hope you know this is the most latest version of the game. We will update it when a new version will come.


Except for sharing these files, we will also share each feature of the app in detail so, you don’t need to check which feature this game offers. We are sharing this app’s feature details with you because sometimes a few features do not work.

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What is BGMI Mod APK?

Almost everyone knows what is BGMI but a lot of players don’t know much more about BGMI Mod APK. Here I’ll share each piece of information and feature of this APK so, that it will help you to understand this amazing game deeply. You can skip this section if you know about this app to save your valuable time.

MOD APK means Modified Application. There are a lot of developers who have a great knowledge of the programing language and they modify the official app to unlock those features which are premium so, that Mod Apk users can use all the premium features for free.

Except for unlocking premium features the developers also remove or change the limitation of the game so, that Mod Apk users win almost every match. These features are very exciting and amazing to use.

Mod APK Features

Here we are going to share each feature of BGMI Mod Apk as we promised above. You can let us know if any below-shared features do not work so, we try to solve your problems. We will only explain the important and most used features below and you can check the list of features while playing the game.

Unlimited UC

The unlimited BGMI Free UC feature is the most demanded feature of almost every player. Almost every time BGMI comes with great outfits, vehicle skins, weapon skins, etc but we all know that you have to spend a lot of UC to get it. In this Mod Apk, you don’t need to worry about UC because you will get unlimited UC.

Zero Recoil

Another favorite feature of those players who are interested in gaming. We all know how hard it is to control recoil in the game. With this feature you can control 100% recoil so, you can win almost every match very easily.

High Speed

Using the high-speed feature your in-game character can run and walk very speed. This feature also works when you are knocked down in this game. So, use this feature when you want to go anywhere in the game very quickly.

Enemy Location

Using this ultimate feature you can know where your in-game enemy is. So, most probably you can defect him very easily. Use this feature only when you need otherwise don’t use it.

Magic Bullet

This feature helps you to down the target without aiming for the exact target. When you fire anywhere the magic bullet will hit your opponent. It does not mean you’ll fire in the opposite direction and it will hit the target.


Here we will guide you on how to download and set up BGMI Mod Apk on your device. The setup will be very different from normal installation from the google play store. You have to remember a few very important things before and after installing this Mod Apk.

Almost everyone fears the account can be banned because of using the Mod APK. The fear is good because the chances of getting banned are real. This Mod Apk has already an in-built feature that will protect you from getting banned.

NameBGMI Mod Apk
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BGMI Mod APK Download v2.5.0

Here we are going to the main and most exciting content of the article. From here you can download BGMI Mod Apk. Before downloading always double-check the version of the App to avoid a lot of problems.

Here, we will share both APK and OBB files combined in a ZIP file. Hope you know any Mod Apk will not run properly if you are not using its OBB file. So, the conclusion is that always download APK and OBB files from one place otherwise your account can be banned or you may face other issues.

How to Install & Setup?

Here we will guide you on how to install and set up BGMI Mod APK and OBB files. Below we have shared a few guidelines that you should remember to avoid a lot of problems.

  • Step 1: Download both APK and OBB files from the above link/button.
  • Step 2: Locate the downloaded file and extract it. You don’t need to download an external app to extract the file because nowadays almost every phone has this feature.
  • Step 3: Open the extracted file and you’ll find here both APK and OBB files.
  • Step 4: Close the internet connection and turn off the wifi and install the app to your Android device. Before installing Apk your device may ask permission to download the BGMI Mod APK from unknown sources and you have to allow it.
  • Step 5: Now move the OBB file to Android>OBB.
  • Step 6: Once everything is done you can connect your device to the internet.
  • Step 7: Now you can open the Mod APK and enjoy the gaming.

Things to Remember

Here we are going to share a list of some important points you should remember before and after installing the Mod Apk. If you avoid these or any point then your BGMI Id can be banned. So, read these points carefully and apply them.

  • Do Not Update: Do not update the Mod APK from the play store or any other third-party website. If you update the app then you know what will happen.
  • Don’t use the main account: We will only share the truth and the truth is one day your account will be banned so, don’t use the main account in Mod APK.
  • Use Mod Features When Need: Always try to use Mod features only when you need them. If you always use these modified features then most probably BGMI can track and ban you.
  • Act like a normal player: Always act like a normal player so that other play can’t understand you. So, that very less or zero player report you.
  • Don’t play with friends always: Do not play matches every time with friends you know. If you always playing with friends and BGMI found you that you are using Mod APK then your and your’s account can be banned. So, play maximum time with random players.

Should You Use Mod APK

Are you thinking that should I use mod APK or not so, my answer is a big No. The BGMI team is working very very hard to make his app more useful and awesome but we are not respecting their work. So, we should avoid those ways to play this game that are not good.

If you are an average player or a good or pro player then you must not use this BGMI Mod APK. If you use this APK you’ll enjoy gaming a lot because most probably you’ll win almost every single match. As a result, the skills that you learned from playing BGMI previously will be lost.

Below we are going to share some FAQs (frequently asked questions) with answers so, if you forget anything that you should know then here it will be covered. So, read it if you are interested.


Is BGMI Mod APK secure?

No, BGMI Mod APK is not secure because it modified the version of the official application. The developers who modified this app are unknown don’t use it or use it at your own risk.

Is BGMI Mod APK free?

All the BGMI Mod APKs are not free but the app and file we shared above are completely free to use.

Should I use this Mod APK?

We strongly recommend you do not use this APK because of a few reasons:

This is not secure.
Your account can be banned at any time for 10 years.
This is against BGMI’s official privacy policy.

Can my gaming device ban after using Mod APK?

Recently, BGMI announced that if they found someone using Mod APK then they will ban his device, as a result, they can play BGMI on the device for a lifetime.

Final Words: We shared the above BGMI Mod APK downloading link and we also explain how to set up and install it on your Android device. Hope you’ll enjoy the game but also remember that using Mod APK is not a good idea to always try to avoid this. Keep reading amazing posts related to BGMI on

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