5+ Ways to Get Unlimited Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2021

Do you want to get unlimited free UC in PUBG Mobile or PUBG? If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest money then I can help you to free unlimited UC. There are several genuine ways to get free UC but PUBG players don’t know about the tricks but many PUBG players using this trick.

If you are thinking that I’ll tell you to install any app or visit a website to get free UC then you are wrong. These features officially provided byPUBG Mobile So, you need not worry about this. I’ll also not give you any task to get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

get free uc in pubg mobile

Let me clear if your PUBG Mobile account will not be banned because we are going to install any app, script, etc. So, don’t worry about this. Maybe many of you know the tricks but don’t know how to use them exactly. So, here I’ll clear all the doubts.

Free UC in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has many features that will help you to get unlimited free UC. PUBG launched these features for those players who don’t have money but want UC or royal pass for free. Many PUBG players are using these features to get free UC and you can also get it by following my methods.

Here, all the features are officially launched by PUBG mobile so, you will be not banned from PUBG. You’ll be banned when you’ll use any script and hacks.

Benefits of free UC in PUBG Mobile tricks

There are several benefits but I’m going to share a few benefits that will clear your doubts. If you don’t know all the benefits so, let me explain.

  • Free Rewards: You can buy any rewards using free UC.
  • Save Money: You can save money if you are going to buy UC or royal pass.
  • Free UC: You’ll get lots of free UC and you can use it later to buy a royal pass, crates, etc.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

So, if you want free UC then you can try all ways explained below but you can also try your selected ways. So, let me share all ways one by one that I and many players use to get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Lets Start,

1. Google Opinion Rewards

If you don’t have money to buy a royal pass then I’ll recommend you to download the Google Opinion reward app. This app is officially launched by Google where anyone can earn money. In the Google opinion rewards app, you have to just complete some simple tasks to earn money.

google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app can help you to get free UC and royal pass. You can redeem earned money in google play card or balance because it does not pays in bank accounts.

Are you interested? then go to the google play store and download the app. This app is totally free and easy to use.

2. Participate in Giveaways

There are many Youtubers who do UC and royal pass giveaway daily. Mostly YouTubers do giveaways in their live stream. So, you can participate if you need free UC or royal pass.

There are also many YouTubers who do fake giveaways to boost their channel so, please keep the distance from this type of YouTubers and channels.

There are a few channels name you can trust. You can also trust those channels that have at least 500K+ subscribers on their YouTube Channel.

  • Kronten Gaming
  • Levinho
  • Sevou
  • Classified YT

3. Participate in Tournaments

There are many android apps and small agencies that organize small tournaments. These types of tournaments are paid and free so, you have to enter in free tournaments if you don’t have money otherwise pay the entry fees. If you believe that you are a good or pro player then you can join.

They organize solo and squad matches so, you can play with your squad if you have, otherwise play the solo matches. There are also many tournaments where you’ll be paid when you’ll kill an enemy. They pay real money in the bank account or wallet like Paytm. So, you can buy UC and royal pass with the money.

There are also many fake websites and apps so, check before try them.

4. PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

Bonus challenge is one of the best ways to get 1800 per week with many gun skins and outfits. If you are a good player you don’t want to participate in giveaways and tournaments. So, the bonus challenge can help you to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

Bonus challenge allows every PUBG player to get free UC and legendary items. In the bonus challenge, You have to just play PUBG and win the match. You can play any match in a bonus challenge like TDM and classic by giving a battle coin.

In Bonus Challenge, a PUBG player can get up to 1800UC per month and the player can redeem many legendry items including Gun skins, outfits, etc.

  • 100UC = 1000 Battle Coins
  • 200UC = 2000 Battle Coins
  • 300UC = 3000 Battle Coins
  • Gun skins redeem cost depends upon its value.
  • Outfit skins redeem cost depends upon its value.

How to Register in Bonus Challenge?

Click the Bonus challenge button which can be located above in the center. You can register for the Bonus challenge which cost is around 10UC. PUBG bonus challenges can be played in TDM and classic and you can also play solo or squad matches.

Bonus challenge comes with tree level that is Novice, Adept, and Expert. Rules is different for each level which is mentioned below.


  • Points: 15/Kill
  • Win Points: 200
  • Cost: 1 Bonus challenge voucher
  • Highest Reward: 1000 Battle coins


  • Points: 30/Kill
  • Win Points: 450
  • Cost: 2 Bonus challenge voucher
  • Highest Reward: 2000 Battle coins


  • Points: 40/Kill
  • Win Points: 700
  • Cost: 3 Bonus challenge voucher
  • Highest Reward: 3000 Battle coins

How to redeem battle coin?

You can redeem battle coins into UC and legendry items from the Bonus challenge. Go to the bonus challenge section then locate redeem and click it. A new page will be open where you can redeem battle coins.

5. Bonus Rewards

In bonus rewards, There are three challenges that win the next squad match, win 3 matches in a row, and The course of the next game is to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. You will get lots of battle coins if you are a pro player and believe that I can win the matches.

If you are not an average or newbie PUBG player then the last challenge can help you. In the last challenge, you have to use just your mind before starting a match. I’m just a good player and I’m also using it to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

In this challenge, you have to guess the plan direction in PUBG. I have some tips you can apply to get better results and you can also search on YouTube.

Pro Tip: There are plane direction chances which is mentioned below so, follow these pro tips to win.

  • East: 0.6%
  • West: 0.6%
  • North: 1.4%
  • South: 1.4%
  • North East: 31%
  • South East: 22%
  • South West: 33%
  • North Waste: 10%


Here are all the methods you can use to get unlimited free UC in PUBG Mobile. All the methods are 100% working and genuine so, you’ll not get ban from PUBG Mobile if you use them. So, try a method you liked.

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