PUBG Tournaments: Join Free Tournaments to Earn Money

There are thousands of websites and apps that organize free and paid PUBG Tournaments. If you are also looking for free or paid tournaments then I have shortlisted a few real apps and websites that pay money if you win.

There are two types of tournaments the first is paid and the other is free. In paid tournaments, you need to pay some fees. You don’t need to pay any fee in free tournaments. If you win a free or paid tournament then they will pay you the winning amount.

In PUBG Mobile tournaments, You can improve your skills by playing against other pro players. You’ll earn money too if you have gaming skills. If you are a skilled and best player then you can build your career in eSports.

PUBG Tournaments

The PUBG Tournaments industry is growing quickly day by day because thousands of PUBG players coming day by day and PUBG is the most popular battle royal game in the world.

There are also many fake websites and apps available on the internet which offers paid tournaments at a low price as a result they cheat. Sometimes they do not pay money when you win the tournament.

What are PUBG Tournaments?

PUBG Mobile Tournaments are the same as other tournaments where you have to play solo, duo, or with your squad. In these tournaments, you don’t need to go anywhere because you can just play from anywhere like home, office, etc.

These tournaments are free and paid. In free tournaments, you don’t have to pay any entry fee and if you win they will pay you. On the other side, you have to pay the entry fee, and if you lose the match then they will not pay you.

If you are also thinking to join free or paid tournaments then this is the good idea. I’ll recommend you to join only free because if you are not expert then you can lose your money. There are many pro players comes in free tournaments also to win prizes or money.

Benefits of Playing Tournaments

Maybe you don’t know all benefits you will get when you play PUBG Mobile tournaments. These benefits can change you life because if you all benefits then it will give a boost to play tournaments.

So, let me explain the benefits you’ll get when play. It does meter you are playing free or paid. So, are excited?

  • Earn Money: You can earn money by playing free or paid tournaments. So, you will not face any financial problems.
  • Improve Gameplay: Many pro players come as a result you will learn some skills to improve your gameplay.
  • Relationship: If you are playing well then many players can contact you to invite in their team.
  • eSports: If you have a pro squad or you are pro then you can build your career in Esports.
  • YouTube: Create your own YouTube channel and upload gameplay videos to earn some extra money. FlexClip is a good choice for creating gameplay videos, perfect for those with zero editing experience.

Need in Tournaments

There are many things you must have in any type of tournament. Here I’m not talking about only money. If you are a newbie then I’ll recommend you to read it carefully because it will help you very much.

  • Gaming Phone: If you don’t have a Gaming phone then you can lose many matches in PUBG tournaments very easily. In a gaming phone, you can control recoil, play smoothly, low ping, low temperature, no issue related to battery, etc. There are many best phones for PUBG Mobile available at affordable prices.
  • Best Sensitivity: You can control recoil very easily, kill players smoothly, snipe smoothly if you have the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile. The best sensitivity helps to improve gameplay in less time.
  • PUBG Names: Best PUBG Names is most important for a player who is a player very good and has the best gaming skills. Best PUBG Names can help you to leave a footprint on players you killed in the game. There are many players who are known from PUBG Name like Dynamo, Scout, CarryMinati, Mortal, etc.

Join PUBG Tournaments

PUBG Mobile organizes tournaments at a very high level with a high winning price. This is a little hard to play in these tournaments because many skilled and pro player comes so, it will little hard to survive in these types of tournaments.

If you want to play in official PUBG tournaments then you have to work hard to improve you skills as well as gameplay.

There are also many apps and websites that organize paid as well as free tournaments where anyone can join and play. In these tournaments, only average players come so, it will easy for you.

Note: There are many fake websites and apps so, don’t join them.

How to Join?

There are a few apps you can trust like MPL, LOCO, Paytm First Game, etc. Where both types of Free and Paid tournaments available to play. They pay actual money in very little time.

So, follow the below steps to join tournaments.

  1. Go to the play store.
  2. Search MPL or LOCO or Paytm First Game.
  3. Install the app and register with your mobile number and email I’d.
  4. Now, locate PUBG tournaments in the app you installed recently.
  5. Here you can find free and paid tournaments so, you can join any tournaments you like.

If you joined a tournament then they will give you PUBG custom room I’d and password. Where you have to join the room before 5 or 10 minute. They also sends a notification before starting a match.


So, I hope this post will help you to find the best PUBG Tournaments. You can make money from tournaments. In this post, I covered almost all the topics that you need to know like benefits, how to join, how to find, things need in tournaments, etc.

If you are thinking I missed something then please let me know through below comment section.

PUBG Tournaments FAQs

What is PUBG Tournament?

It is same as other tournament but in this you can play only PUBG to earn money by paying some entry fees. You can also join free tournaments.

How do I Join PUBG Tournamet

You can join through any app like MPL, Paytm First Game, etc.

How do PUBG Tournaments Make Money?

They make money from entry fees but official PUBG make money from his app.

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