How to Hide F/D in BGMI

In this game, a lot of players’ skills are judged by their F/D (the previous name was K/D). New players and those players who don’t have good F/D feel bad. I have 1 tip and 1 trick that will help you in these types of conditions. Here we will guide you on how to hide F/D in the BGMI game.

We all know that with each update BGMI comes with some new content and settings. so, the BGMI players will not board just by playing with no interesting content. A lot of players will love that BGMI’s have a setting that you can use to hide your FD.

Hide FD in BGMI

So, here we will talk about this topic in detail. Most probably your every single doubt will be cleared. So, let’s move to the topic without wasting valuable time.

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What is F/D in BGMI?

Do you know what is F/D? No, let me tell you. F/D is calculated by dividing the number of enemies you killed by the number of matches you played. You can check the F/D of any season and by default, BGMI shows F/D and other information in stats of the current season.

In BGMI, most of the players judge other players by their F/D, and if they found a low F/D player they call him Noob. Nowadays maintaining at least 3.5 F/D is very important. If you are just a beginner then you can improve your F/D by playing matches safely. We have a lot of tips to increase F/D in BGMI, tips are mentioned or written below.

Tips to Increase F/D

Hope you know hiding F/D is not the solution. Here we are going to share a few tips and tricks that will help you to increase your F/D very easily. If you will follow all the tips then I’m very sure that your gameplay will also improve.

  • Landing Location: If you are new in BGMI, do not land where a lot of enemies land. Most of the time, new players are killed before they found a weapon to take the fight.
  • Fast Landing: Always try to land fast, if you are landing very fast then you’ll get weapons very easily and later kill other enemies smoothly.
  • Improve Aim: Improve your aim by practicing on the training ground. So, you can down enemies and hence your F/D will improve.
  • Play with Good Players: Play with good players so, that you can get some extra Finishes in the game, as a result, your F/D will improve.
  • Don’t take a fight: When there are more enemies and you are alone or players with you are not good then don’t take the fight.

Pros & Cons of Hidding F/D

There are several pros that you’ll get when you hide F/D in BGMI. There are also some cons of hiding F/D so, we will discuss both one by one below. So, you can decide whether you should hide F/D in BGMI or not.


  • The first and pain pros are that anyone can check or know your F/D.
  • Some players on YouTube judge other players by their F/D. So, if your friends also say this to you then you can hide your F/D.
  • If you know more pros then let us know.


  • If you hide F/D then it will be hidden for everyone including your in-game friends.
  • Sometimes a few players look for good players to play with them. If you hide it then you know what will happen.

Hide F/D in BGMI

Here we will share step by step guide on how to hide F/D in BGMI. BGMI introduced this feature in his last updates and many of you want to know how to use it some players also know everything about this feature. So, below we are going to share the steps you have to follow.

  • Step 1: Launch your BGMI app and make sure your BGMI app is up to date.
  • Step 2: Go to settings and tap on basic.
  • Step 3: Locate Allow spectators to view tier information and disable it.
  • Step 4: Now your F/D and some tier information will be hidden from spectators.


How do I hide my profile on BGMI?

You can not hide your in-game profile on BGMI but you can hide some stats like F/D, status, tier information, etc.

What does F/D mean in BGMI?

In BGMI, F/D means the ratio of total finishes to the number of matches you played in a season. In short Finishes/Total Matches. We can say this is a good metric to know how he or she plays.

How do I increase my FD in BGMI?

You can increase your FD in the BGMI game by finishing more enemies in matches. The more number of enemies you finish the F/D will high.

Final Words: We hope you’ll love this trick to hide F/D in BGMI. If you have any problem related to this game then let us know your problem or issue and we will help you to solve it. There are a lot of articles on this blog related to BGMI, PUBG Mobile, and other popular games.

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