PUBG New State Settings (Graphics, Sensitivity, Controls)

All games come with default settings and these default settings are also customizable. A few settings like graphics come according to your device processor and capability. If you are a new gamer to PUBG New State and want to improve your gameplay then you should change a few PUBG New State Settings.

PUBG New State Settings

In PUBG New State the mechanism and UI (User Interface) is different from PUBG Mobile and BGMI. So, many players are facing problems while customizing settings.

If you have a perfect setting in this game then definitely you can improve your gameplay in very little time. Let me share a real truth that is only settings can not improve your gameplay it only helps 5-10% and all rest depends on your practice and mindset.

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Benefits of Perfect Settings

There are a lot of benefits that might force you to find a perfect setting in PUBG New State. So, let dive into it.

  • Improve Gameplay: You can improve your gameplay if you know how to control any gun recoil. Any gun sensitivity does not helps 100% to control recoil but it only helps about 15 – 20% and rest all depends on your practice.
  • Fast Action: If you are using default control layout or you are a thumb player then you can difinityly improve your gamelay by 30-40 percent by shifting 3 finger claw. Using 3 finger claw, you can do actions very quickly.
  • Graphics: If you are new to PUBG Mobile or PUBG New State then maybe you don’t now nothing about graphics and FPS. Chossing a good graphcs and FPS helps to spot enemy and dicrease your ping and lag.

PUBG New State Settings

Let me share a few things you must know before using these PUBG New State Settings. First things, any settings can’t improve your gameplay if you do not practice regularly. If you apply these settings then definitely your gameplay will be worst a little bit because you were habited to previous settings.

Graphics Settings

If you don’t not anything about graphics in-game then probably you are playing with the wrong graphics. Follow the below steps for graphics settings.

  1. Open PUBG New State game and go to settings.
  2. in settings, go to graphics settings.
  3. Here, you’ll see two options. COMBAT and LOBBY.
  4. in COMBAT, you’ll see two things Performace and Graphics.
  5. In graphics, select maximum available graphics.
  6. Later in performace, select maximum frame rate.
  7. Now, save the settings and select Lobby and do the game thing.

Note: If you feel the game is not running smoothly then reduce the Frame Rate from performance.

Controls Settings

The different player uses different settings according to their device size and hand size. So, I can’t share perfect PUBG New State control settings but I’ll share a setting that maximum player recommends and use. You can customize it later.

  1. Go to settings and then controls.
  2. select #1 open and click on EDIT button.
  3. now copy the below given code and locate LOAD button and pest it.
  4. UI-18afdf8d-0ced-4cff-b041-6afe7ce395d4
  5. Now, you all the controll settings wii be cpoid to your account and you can also customize it too.

Note: If you follow any PUBG New Streamer and you like his control layout then you can ask for the code.

Sensitivity Settings

This setting is one of the most important settings. If you have a perfect sensitivity setting then you can definitely decrease your recoil, do fast reflex, and much more. We have PUBG New State Sensitivity Settings for both gyro and non-gyro players.

Note: First a few days you’ll not like the setting because you were playing with a different setting.

Free Perspective Sensitivity

TPP Camera (General)95
TPP Camera (Driver)130
FPP Camera (General)70
FPP Camera (Driver)70
Parachute (General)140

Camera & Scope Sensitivity

TPP Camera (General)125
TPP Shoulder Camera (General)85
FPP Camera (General)90
FPP Shoulder Camera (General)90
Iron Sights (ADS)70
Iron Sights (Fire)70
Red Dot, Viper (ADS)70
Red Dot, Viper (Fire)80
2x Scope Sensitivity (ADS)65
2x Scope Sensitivity (Fire)65
3x Scope Sensitivity (ADS)55
3x Scope Sensitivity (Fire)60
4x Scope Sensitivity (ADS)60
4x Scope Sensitivity (Fire)55
6x Scope Sensitivity (ADS)75
6x Scope Sensitivity (Fire)75
8X Scope Sensitivity (ADS)75
8x Scope Sensitivity (Fire)75

Gyroscope Sensitivity

TPP Camera185
TPP Shoulder Camera150
FPP Camera90
FPP Shoulder Camera90
Iron Sights115
Red Dot, Viper105
2x Scope88
3x Scope100
4x Scope90
6x Scope30
8x Scope25

Disclaimer: So gamers, we hope you’ll improve your gameplay very quickly with our PUBG New State Settings. Here, we explained all types of settings so, if you face any problem/issue don’t hesitate to contact us.

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