BGMI Characters (All Characters in BGMI Game)

Currently, there is a total of 5 BGMI characters available. A lot of newbie players or players who play BGMI are interested in BGMI characters. Here, we are going to share every single piece of information about in-game characters so, that you can improve your knowledge about this game.

Before a few years, there was only a default character where you can customize a few things like color, face shape, etc. Almost everyone was on board using the same character in the game. No one expected that new in-game characters will come but the game surprised us by launching a new character for free for everyone.

BGMI Characters

Nowadays, every new character comes with an awesome voice pack, outfits, animations, and much more. In this post, you will learn almost everything about this game. We will also guide you on how to get BGMI characters very easily.

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What Are BGMI Characters?

BGMI Character means in-game characters that are available in the BGMI game. These BGMI characters have only very few abilities that can only be used in the EvoGround matches. These abilities will not work in normal matches because the game is the same for everyone who has money and who has not.

Almost every player does not buy any in-game characters by checking their abilities because abilities do not work in classic Mod matches. They choose a character by checking its voice pack, face look, and the quality of outfits coming with the character.

One more thing you should know, any character can not wear other characters’ outfits but all the characters can wear those outfits which you obtained by the opening crate, royal pass outfits, events outfits, etc. You can use voice and animations of any character with any character even with default characters.

Why play with New Characters?

There are a few reasons that will tell you why you should play with new BGMI characters, not with default characters. So, let me share what I and other people think about this.

  • Abilities work only in EvoGround matches.
  • New voice pack
  • New outfits and animations
  • Attractive emojis
  • Looks attractive
  • and much more.

How to Buy BGMI Character?

You don’t know how to buy characters in BGMI? don’t worry I’ll help you to know how to buy characters in BGMI. The price of a few characters is different from others. Below we have mentioned the price too.

Note: You can also use a character voucher to buy characters in BGMI. If you don’t have enough character vouchers then you can use UC. Follow the below steps to buy a character.

  • Step 1: Launch the game and go to the workshop section (the workshop can be located at the bottom of the screen).
  • Step 2: Select the character’s option and now you can check here all the characters available in the BGMI game.
  • Step 3: Choose a character you want to buy and buy it.
  • Step 4: Once you bought the character, you can use it by going to workshop>characters.

Characters Pricing

Here is the price of all BGMI characters that are available. Just buy buying any character you can not get it’s all the outfits, emotes, etc. You have to play matches using the character to get the items that are coming with it. You can also get all the items in a few minutes using the UC (money).

  • Victor: Free for everyone
  • Sara: 600 character voucher or 600 UC
  • Carlo: 1200 character voucher or 1200 UC
  • Andy: 1200 character voucher or 1200 UC
  • Anna: 600 character voucher or 600 UC

BGMI Characters

Here we will share every single character available in BGMI and we will also share their abilities. A lot of players love to play EvoGround so, they should know these abilities so, they can increase the win ratio of matches. Again I want to share that character’s abilities do not work in classic matches and those matches where any type of ranking system works. So, are you ready to know everything about BGMI Characters? I’m sure you want.


Victor was the first BGMI character introduced by BGMI. Almost every single player of BGMI has this character because this is free for every single player. So, you don’t need to spend any UC or complete any task to get it. Just go to the character section and select Victor and click on unlock button to win this.

The Victor character’s voice pack and outfit are not very amazing and attractive as compared to other characters. There are a few levels in the character and when you complete a level then you’ll get rewards (rewards can be seen).

To increase the level of the player you have to play with this character and it takes a long time. If you don’t want to wait then spend some UC to level up and unlock all rewards at a time.

Ability: In the Evoground match Victor takes less time to reload SMGs. So, you should use this in-game weapon to increase the win ratio.


Sara is the second character and first female character introduced in BGMI. This is also a popular character in the BGMI world because it was a lot better and more awesome than the first character Victor. This character also comes with some awesome outfits, emotes, a voice pack, and other items.

Ability: Sara is a vehicle expert so, if you play matches with Sara’s character in EvoGround matches then the vehicle will take low damage as compared to others.


Carlo is the third character and it is a male character. The Carlo character looks very attractive and awesome in all-male characters. The voice pack, outfits, and emotes are very amazing by look. If you are thinking to buy a male character then I recommend buying this character.

Ability: This character will take less damage when he jumps from a high place (low fall damage). This character ability only works in EvoGround matches.


Andy is a male magician character in the game. This character is very popular among all the BGMI players because of its awesome outfits, ultra-amazing emotes, voice pack, and other items.

Ability: The ability of this character is very different from other characters. This character takes less time to take and put guns in the EvoGround matches.


Anna is the very newest character in the game. This is a female character who looks like a small girl. Anna is an investigative reporter whose father is also an investigation officer but he is disappeared. So, now Anna wants to find him.

Ability: Not Available


Which is the best character in BGMI?

In BGMI, all the characters are best but personally, I like Andy and Carlo’s characters in male characters. In female characters, Sara is my first choice

How many characters are in BGMI?

Currently, there are 5 characters available in BGMI i.e. Victor, Andy, Carlo, Sara, Anna.

How do you get a free Carlo character in BGMI?

There is only one way to get the character for free in BGMI i.e. Character Vouchers.

Who is the New character in BGMI?

As we mentioned above Anna is the new character in BGMI.

Who is Victor in BGMI?

Victor is the first character in the BGMI game which is available for free but you have to pay or play a lot of matches to unlock all the rewards.

Final Words: We hope this post will help you to choose an in-game character for you among the 5 BGMI characters. If you don’t have enough UC to buy any character then we recommend to collected character vouchers from upcoming events in the game. Keep reading posts related to BGMI and other games on

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