BGMI Lite Release Date (Early Access)

The gamers who don’t have a good gaming phone to play BGMI are waiting for BGMI Lite. BGMI Lite is a very lite version of the game which can run smoothly on low-end devices too. Nowadays almost everyone has a phone (doesn’t matter it is a high-end or low-end device). So, the players who have low-end devices are waiting for the BGMI Lite release date to know how much time they have to wait to play the game.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, Krafton published the game with a new name known as BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). The number of users of PUBG Mobile Lite was very high in India and now Krafton is planning to release the PUBG Mobile Lite version as BGMI Lite.

BGMI Lite Release Date

There are a lot of differences between PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Here we will share each feature most probably that will come in BGMI Lite. After this, we will also share updates related to the BGMI Lite release date.

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What is BGMI Lite?

We all know that the BGMI is the most popular game of India which is published by Krafton. If you previously played both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite then most probably you noticed the differences between them. Want to learn more about BGMI Lite? read below.

BGMI Lite is a lite weight game that can be run very smoothly on low end-devices (need at least 1GB of RAM). The Lite version of the game will provide you with all the features that BGMI has except a few which are not very important.

Expected Features

Here we will talk about which types of features will come in BGMI Lite. The features we are going to mention below are expected from us so if anything goes wrong then don’t take it seriously. If we get new leaks related to the BGMI Lite version then we will update the content. So, keep checking the page regularly.

In-game Weapons

In the BGMI Lite version, all the in-game weapons will come and I’m 99.9% sure on this. The reason is this is the base of the game which can’t be changed. Maybe the name of a very few in-game weapons can be changed.


The graphics of the game will be very different from BGMI or we can say the graphics will be poor as compared to BGMI’s graphics. Don,t worry about it because the graphics are designed for low-end devices, definitely there will be a lot of differences.


FPS plays a very important role in the game. If you have a device where the game supports 30FPS and on the other hand a device that supports 60FPS then most probably the person will win the match whose devices support 60FPS.

Your device will support high FPS in BGMI Lite as compared to BGMI. The reason is BGMI Lite is specially designed for low-end devices.

UI (User Interface)

UI of the game will be very similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. We are saying it because BGMI’s UI is also very similar to PUBG Mobile.


You’ll get all the maps that are in PUBG Mobile Lite. in-map names will be different from BGMI or BGMI Mobile. However, it doesn’t matter because we just want to play and enjoy the game.

Winner Pass & Season

Most probably the Winner Pass name will be changed because after the launch of BGMI the royale pass content was also changed. Still, we don’t have to worry because we need only Winner Pass items.

A new season will begin because they also have to match it with PUBG Mobile Lite. In BGMI CS (Cycle Season) is running.

BGMI Lite Release Date

There are thousands of videos and posts/articles on the internet that are saying the BGMI Lite will come on this date. Actually, anyone doesn’t know the exact date because it is not officially announced. So, do not trust those articles and videos that are giving a date without any proof.

As I mentioned above that we also don’t know when BGMI Lite will release in India. But a few things I can do for you that will help you to know the BGMI Lite release date. So, are you ready to know the ways?

  • Official Social Media: Nowadays almsot everyone are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so, follow the official BGMI accounts. BGMI officlails will difinitly share hint or news related to BGMI Lite launch date.
  • Follow Streamers: Follow those streamers who shared hits before the launch of BGMI. I’m talking about Kronten, Ghatak Gaming, etc.

The above two ways will help you to know more about the BGMI Lite launch date. If you don’t want to follow both ways the third and most easy way is to bookmark the page. After bookmarking keep checking the page regularly and we will update the article when we get any clue or update.

BGMI Lite Pre-registration

BGMI Lite pre-registration will start after the announcement of the launch date of BGMI Lite. Below we are going to share how you can pre-register for BGMI Lite to get early access. Once the game is open for pre-registration then you have to follow the below steps. Currently, these guides are only for Android users.

  • Step 1: Go to Play Store and search for BGMI Lite
  • Step 2: Click on official BGMI Lite app (if you are not sure which app is real then after clicking on the app check the publisher name. The official app will be published by Krafton)
  • Step 3: Now, you’ll see a pre-register button and you have to tap on it.
  • Step 4: Now you pre-registered for BGMI Lite.

BGMI Early Access

BGMI early access is not launched so try to avoid downloading any app from third-party websites and stores. The early access of the game will be launched after a few weeks of pre-regsitration. We recommend downloading early access only from the Google Play Store.

We hope you understood everything now.


What is the launch date of BGMI Lite?

Above we have shared the launch date and ways to know the exact launch date of BGMI Lite.

How do I download BGMI Lite?

The BGMI Lite is not launched yet so, there is no way to download it. So, you should not download any APK named with BGMI Lite because it may be harmful to your device and the data stored in your device.

So, do not trust any website until any official announcement. Hope you’ll understand.

Is BGMI run in 2GB RAM?

Yes, BGMI can run in 2GB RAM android devices but it will lag very badly. So, make sure you have at least 3GB RAM devices to run this game smoothly.

Or if you don’t have a 3GB RAM device then wait for BGMI Lite because it will run very smoothly even in 2GB RAM devices.

Can we play PUBG Lite in India?

Yes but you need a VPN to play this game in India because we all know that the game is banned in India.

Final Words: We hope you like the post. If you want to know more about the BGMI Lite Release date then you should follow the above-shared ways. Keep reading new updates related to BGMI and other popular games only on

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