5+ Best Ways to Get PUBG Free Royal Pass in 2023

Do you want to get PUBG Free royal pass? PUBG Mobile comes with a new royal pass every 2 months. It comes with new and amazing outfits, skins, legendary items, and much more. All the time when they launch a new season the outfits and other items are based on a theme. It looks very interesting because a few themes can boar you but in PUBG Mobile all time you’ll get new theme-based ROYAL PASS.

PUBG Mobile has two types of royal passes where one is free and the second is paid. The paid royal pass comes with two prices that are 600 UC and 1800 UC. 600 UC royal pass is called an elite royal pass and the second is Elite Plus. There are fewer items in the free royal pass than others.

PUBG Free Royal Pass

Elite Plus royal pass has many items, skins, outfits to decorate your PUBG character but Elite’s royal pass doesn’t have them. You’ll get all the skins, outfits, items that are in the royal pass if you have had a royal pass.

If you don’t have money or you don’t want to invest money but you want a free royal to pass I can help you. I have 5+ best ways that help people to get a royal pass for free. These ways are 100% working and many players are getting a royal pass in each season.

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Elite Royal Pass Vs Elite Plus Royal Pass

There are very big differences between them. Anyone can guess the different levels by their price. So, let me tell you the exact difference between Elite and Elite plus royal pass. If you know all the differences then you can skip this section.

In Elite Royal Pass, you’ll get only skins, outfits, and other items that are available in premium royal pass. You’ll also get all rewards of a free royal pass. Most important, you’ll get all the UC up to 600 to purchase a new Elite Royal Pass for the next season by completing all the tasks.

In Elite Plus Royal Pass, If you buy an elite plus royal pass then you’ll 25 rank instant. There are many rewards in the elite plus royal pass only like avatar, frame, etc. In the Elite Plus Royal Pass, you’ll not get all the UC you used to buy the Royal Pass, you’ll only get 600 UC.

Get PUBG Free Royal Pass

So PUBG lover, finally the wait is over. Here I’ll cover all the ways that will help you to get a free royal pass. There is no risk of the PUBG Mobile ban because these are 100% legal ways. So, are you ready to know all ways?

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app where anyone can earn money by completing a few simple surveys. You’ll earn something by completing a survey. Google developed the app to improve its services. This app gives money in Google Play to buy anything from google play. So, you can buy a royal pass using this app.

How to use it?

If you don’t know how to use this app then follow the below steps to learn. Before using this app you must have an email I’d because it asks to signup with email only.

  1. Go to Play Store or App Store.
  2. Search and download the Google Opinion Rewards app on your device.
  3. Sign-up with the email I’d and fill in all details which are asked.
  4. Now, you’ll get a demo survey or task. Complete the survey but you’ll be not paid for this survey only.
  5. After a few days, you’ll start getting surveys to complete.

Now, you can collect money to buy a royal pass in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Bonus Challenge

This feature is available for every PUBG Mobile player to win 1800UC every month. This is one of the best ways to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. With this feature, you have to just play the game in PUBG Mobile.

If you are a pro PUBG player then this feature might help you to get free UC for the royal pass and other uses. So, are you excited to know more about this?

Go to bonus challenge in PUBG Mobile which can be located at the top of the screen. Where you can see all about the bonus challenge. You must have a bonus voucher to play matches which cost only 10UC.

If you win matches then you’ll get some battle coin which can be converted into UC from the redeem section. This feature helps thousands of players every day. Some more information about this is available below.

  • 1000 Battle coins = 100UC
  • 2000 Battle coins = 200UC
  • 3000 Battle Coins = 300UC

The bonus challenge comes three-level that are Novice, Adept, and Expert. All the three-level entry fees are different and their winning reward is also different from each other. You can check all the entry fees and their rewards in the bonus challenge section.

Participate in Giveaways

Many YouTubers are doing daily and weekly royal pass giveaways on their YouTube channel. Where you don’t have to do anything except send your PUBG Mobile I’d and name. If you are lucky then you’ll get a PUBG free royal pass. Even many times you can get some UC to purchase a royal pass in PUBG Mobile.

Note: There are also many fake giveaways so, try to find a real one. You can check the most popular gamer’s YouTube channels like Dynamo, Mortal, Scout, etc.

PUBG Tournaments

Many apps launch free and paid tournaments where everyone is free to participate. You can also participate if you need a free royal pass. If you don’t have money then find a free tournament with great rewards.

Free tournaments can help you. Many good and pro players earn from tournaments every day. Prices of paid tournaments are very low so, you can also join paid tournaments if you have some money.

Note: There are a few apps and websites that are fake so, find a real one to win real money. You can find real apps and websites by checking reviews, downloads, etc.

Request for PUBG Free Royal Pass

Pubg Mobile has a feature where anyone can request a royal pass from his friend. So, You can send a request to your PUBG friends to get a royal pass. This feature helps many friends to support each other.

There are very few chances but if you are a good player then there is more chance. So, try your luck to get a royal pass for free.

PUBG Free Royal Pass FAQs

How can I get a free PUBG royal pass?

All the working ways to get a free PUBG royal pass are mentioned above.

Can I get free UC in PUBG?

Yes, you can get free UC in PUBG.

How can I get cheap PUBG UC?

You can get cheap UC from midasbuy.com

Final Words: Hope you understood all the ways to get PUBG Free Royal Pass, if you will execute these ways with the patient most probably in a few weeks you can get a free Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile. If you know any other way to get a free royal pass in the game, let us know.

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