How to Get Unlimited Free Tokens in FAU-G Mobile Game

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You can get unlimited free tokens in the FAU-G Mobile game in a few minutes. All the tricks I’ll show you are 100% legal and you need not worry about an account ban. Because all ways to get the free token in the FAUG game are legal. You can also join the FAU G WhatsApp group to get free tokens.

FAU-G (Fearless And United – Guards) is an online game made and published by nCore games. This game is fully based on a border fight in northern India. On the border, you are alone and you have to find your other soldiers by fighting with the enemies.

The concept of the game is very awesome. This game is made for Indians. FAU-G Mobile is released on 26 January 2021. 26 January is republic day in India.

Free Tokens in FAUG Mobile

FAU-G Mobile game is very easy to play and any child can play it very smoothly. In this game, you need to just fight with enemy soldiers on the border.

There is no gun in this game but there are a few different weapons to take flight with the enemies.

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  1. CLUB
  2. AXE
  3. PIPE

These three weapons come in different styles and colors and the damage and durability are also different from each other.

Here are a few images of the weapons.

FAUG Mobile Weapons

There are three skins (outfits) available in this game for your game character. One outfit is free for all players but two outfits are paid for. You can purchase paid outfits from the game.

How to Purchase Weapons?

You need tokens to purchase these weapons. If you don’t have tokens then you can get the free token in FAU-G Mobile game. If you have tokens then follow the below steps to purchase weapons in FAU-G Mobile.

  1. Open your game
  2. Click on the PLUS button which can be located in the right top corner.
  3. If you don’t have tokens then purchase them from the same section.
  4. Now click on ARSENAL which can be located in the left top corner.
  5. Now, you can purchase any weapon through this section.

How to Purchase Tokens in FAU-G?

Do you know how to purchase tokens in FAU-G Mobile? If you don’t know so, don’t worry and let me explain. There is only one method to purchase tokens in the FAU-G Mobile game.

  1. Add money to the play store. You can also skip it if you don’t want to add money.
  2. Open FAU-G Mobile app.
  3. Click on the PLUS icon.
  4. Select anyone according to your budget.
  5. Now, You can complete your purchase using UPI, Net banking, Redeem code, etc.

Free Tokens in FAU-G Mobile

So, if you need the free tokens in FAU-G Mobile then ready for it. You don’t need any other apps to download to get free Tokens. All the steps are 100% legal and we not going to change any things in-app coding.

So, are you ready and excited to get free tokens to purchase items.

  • Open FAU-G Mobile app.
  • Click on the PLUS button, you can locate it right top corner.
  • Now, you can see an icon like the below image.
Watch and Earn

Click on the icon, now a small video will play. You have to watch the full video to get 5 Free tokens in FAU-G Mobile. You can collect unlimited tokens by watching the videos.

This feature is officially provided by FAU-G Mobile. So, you will be not banned by the FAU-G team.


So, I hope you enjoyed the post (Free Tokens in FAU-G Mobile). If you facing any problems then it’s free to share with other players in the comment section.

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