FAU G WhatsApp Group Link to Join Active Group In 2021

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If you are looking for an FAU G WhatsApp group link to get the latest updates, free tokens in FAUG Mobile, to play with other players, etc. Here I have shortlisted the best active WhatsApp groups for FAU G Mobile.

Do you know, FAUG Mobile is made in India by nCore Games and launched on January 26, 2021, on Republic Day. 20% Revenue from the FAU G will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust. There are no guns in the game and I don’t know the reason behind it.

Through these WhatsApp Group link, you can join many types of groups to get the latest updates, news, FAU G status, upcoming updates in the app, tournaments, and much more.

FAU G WhatsApp Group Link

Benefits of Groups

If you will join these groups then you’ll get many benefits from these groups. If you know all the benefits then you can skip this part.

  • Latest News
  • How to Play
  • FAUG Status
  • Latest Updates of FAU-G

FAU G WhatsApp Group Rules

There are a few rules you must follow to join FAUG WhatsApp Groups and to stay in this. If you’ll now follow any rules then you’ll be removed by admin. All the rules to join and stay in the group are mentioned below.

To Do

  • Don’t Abuse
  • Follow are rules
  • Help each player
  • Respect each member
  • Share Updates and News

To Not Do

  • No Spam
  • No Promotions
  • Don’t Share Links
  • Don’t Share Fake News
  • Do Not Share Adult Contents


Gamex Mafia is not the owner or admin of the below shared FAU G WhatsApp Groups so, join them at your own risk. If you’ll face any issue in groups then Gamex Mafia will not responsible for it.

How to Join Groups

I know many people know that how to join a WhatsApp group through the link but a few people don’t know. So, let me explain how you can join the FAU G WhatsApp Group through the below link.

  1. Click on any link to the group you want to join.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and it will be redirected to WhatsApp.
  3. Click on the join button which can be located at the bottom.
  4. Now, you’ll be joined the group you want to join.

FAU G WhatsApp Group Link

There are various types of FAUG groups like groups for girls, boys, news, updates, leaks, FAUG WhatsApp group for status, tournaments, and much more. So, I separated these FAUG WhatsApp groups into multiple sections. It will help you join only the interested group you want.

FAU G Groups for Girls

Group NameFAU G WhatsApp Group Link
FAU G LoverJoin Group
Danger FAU GJoin Group
Danger LoverJoin Group
Killer LoverJoin Group
Killer FAU GJoin Group
Mrs. FAU GJoin Group
PrincesJoin Group
FAU G GirlsJoin Group
FAU G LoveJoin Group
Baby GirlsJoin Group
Danger BabyJoin Group
Virus GirlJoin Group
No LoverJoin Group
Only FAU G LoverJoin Group
FAU G FansJoin Group
Mafia GirlJoin Group
Royal GirlJoin Group
Battle FAU GJoin Group
Battle GirlJoin Group
ShizukaJoin Group
Candy GirlJoin Group
War of FAU GJoin Group
Royal FAU G GirlJoin Group
Girl from IndiaJoin Group
FAUG GirlsJoin Group

FAU G Groups for Boys

Group NameWhatsApp Group Link
Killer BoysJoin Group
FAUG LoverJoin Group
Mr. FAUGJoin Group
KingJoin Group
DangerJoin Group
AloneJoin Group
FighterJoin Group
ShooterJoin Group
HunterJoin Group
WiperJoin Group
Head HunterJoin Group
DangerJoin Group
Egal EyeJoin Group
Night RiderJoin Group
FAU G FighterJoin Group
Alone KillerJoin Group
SilentJoin Group
Dark KillerJoin Group
Dark PinkJoin Group
Mr. FighterJoin Group
Fighter FAU-GJoin Group
Hunter FAU GJoin Group
DonJoin Group
Ready to FightJoin Group
FAUG OPJoin Group

FAU G WhatsApp Group

Group NameLinks
MafiaJoin Group
One Man ArmyJoin Group
One FAUGJoin Group
Danger FAUGJoin Group
Killer FAU-GJoin Group
Mafia FAUGJoin Group
FAUG BoysJoin Group
Indian ArmyJoin Group
Mission FAUGJoin Group
Mission DangerJoin Group


I hope this post was useful for you and you joined the FAU G WhatsApp group through the above link. If you are facing any issues while joining any FAUG Group then let me know through the comment box.

If you want to add your FAUG Group in this list then comment below with your group name and link. I’ll add your link in a few hours.

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