Best Gun in PUBG Mobile: List of All Best PUBG Weapons

Best Gun in PUBG will help you to control recoil easily and also help you to win a match smoothly. According to a few gamers, a new player can take up to 1 month to understand the game properly like which is the PUBG best guns, vehicle, etc.

In PUBG, there are more than 35 guns available including snipers, assault rifles, SMG, pistols, etc. All the guns have different recoil, capacities, range, and damage.

Except for Best Gun in PUBG Mobile, we also mentioned all the guns of PUBG Mobile with their range, damage, ammo type, magazine size, firing speed, and much more. This basic information about guns will help you to understand the game easily if you are a new PUBG player.

Best Gun in PUBG

What is Recoil?

Unwanted moving of a gun from the aim while shooting can be said recoil. You can control the recoil of any gun in PUBG Mobile by doing practice in PUBG training ground, having the best sensitivity, and the best phones for PUBG Mobile.

Importance of Best Gun in PUBG

With the best gun, anyone can down the enemy easily because 3-5 ammo is enough to knock down an enemy. So, the ratio of winning a match with the best gun increases.

On the other side, guns with low damage take 6-7 ammo to know down an enemy. So, this will be a little impossible to win a match if other players have the best PUBG Guns. The range of these types of guns is short so, you can not kill long-range enemies.

So, now you can understand that you need the best guns to survive in the game. You can also play PUBG Tournaments after having some gaming skills.

Best Gun in PUBG

Here is a quick list of the best PUBG guns. In this list, we included only SMG, snipers, DMR snipers, shotguns, assault rifles. A few other weapons are excluded because there is no use of them in classic matches.

In the below guns list, we shortlisted 2 guns of SMG, Snipers, Shotguns, DMR snipers, and 4 guns of the assault rifles.

Note: In the below list AWM and Groza are drop guns.

Gun NameTypeDamageAmmo TypeMagazine Size
AWMSniper105300 Magnum5
S686Shotgun2512 Gauge2
S1897Shotgun2512 Gauge5
GrozaAssault Rifles477.62mm30
AKMAssault Rifles477.62mm30
Beryl M762Assault Rifles447.62mm30
M416Assault Rifles405.56mm30
Tommy GunSMG404.45mm30

Best Gun in PUBG – List

You can check details like damage, magazine size, ammo type of all guns that are available in PUBG. The high damage guns are shortlisted above in the list.


In PUBG, there are two types of sniper guns available that is bolt action sniper and DMR sniper. If you don’t know what is bolt action and DMR then let me explain?

DMR: There are 6 DMR (Designated Marksman Riles) guns available in PUBG. All the guns have different damage, ammo type, fire mode, and magazine size that are mentioned below.

In DMR sniper guns, SLR is one of the best gun in PUBG and you can also increase it’s magazine size up to 20 with some equipment.

Gun NameDamageFire ModeAmmo TypeMagazine Size
MK14 EBR46Automatic and Semi-automatic7.62mm10
Mini 1446Semi-automatic5.56mm20
VSS Vintorez41Semi-automatic9mm10

Bolt Action: In these guns, you have to shoot and reload the gun because they are not aromatic. A few guns of the category are very powerful.

Gun NameDamageFire ModeAmmo TypeMagazine Size
AWM105Single300 Magnum5

Note: The magazine size of AWM and M24 can be increased with the help of Extended Mag or Extended QuickDraw Mag. You can use all scopes in these (AWM, M24, and Kar98K).


There are 3 shotguns available in PUBG. The range of all the shotguns are some i.e. 25. Check more information below.

Gun NameDamageRangeAmmo TypeMagazine Size
S686252512 Gauge2
S1897252512 Gauge5
S12K222512 Gauge5

Note: The Magazine size of S12K can be increased.

Assault Rifles

Without an assault rifle winning a classic match in PUBG is impossible. In this category, there are many different weapons available that have different damage, range, shooting speed, magazine size, ammo type, etc.

GUN NameDamageSpeedAmmo TypeMagazine Size
MK47 Mutant49780 m/s7.62mm20
Groza47715 m/s7.62mm30
AKM47715 m/s7.62mm30
Beryl M76244740 m/s7.62mm30
M16A443900 m/s5.56mm30
AUG A341940 m/s5.56mm30
G36C41870 m/s5.56mm30
QBZ9541870 m/s5.56mm30
SCAR-L41870 m/s5.56mm30
M41640780 m/s5.56mm30

SMG Guns

There are 6 guns on the list. If you want to use SMG then all the information about the SMG guns is mentioned below.

Gun NameDamageFire ModeAmmo TypeMagazine Size
Tommy Gun40Auto4.45mm30
PP-19 Bizon35Auto9mm52
Micro UZI26Auto9mm25


Best gun in PUBG Mobile Lite?

In sniper, AWM is best and in assault rifles, AKM, M416, etc. are best guns.

What is best sniper in PUBG Mobile?

AWM is the best sniper in PUBG and M24 is the second best sniper gun.

Disclaimer: You can check the list of the best gun in PUBG above. We also added all the best PUBG guns with their details to understand the guns easily. If you notice any wrong details of any guns then drop the right details in the comment box.

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