PUBG Trigger: 5+ Best PUBG Mobile Trigger (Controller)

PUBG Trigger

PUBG Trigger is one of the fastest ways to shift 2 fingers to 4 fingers claw in less time. The craze of PUBG Mobile is increasing among players and most are young players. When PUBG Mobile was launched, gamers were playing 2 fingers but now

3+ Best VPN for PUBG Mobile in 2021 (Free VPN Only)

VPN for PUBG Mobile

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile is required for those PUBG players who don’t have enough UC in their PUBG account but need some mythic and legendry items while crate opening. As we know, you can increase the probability of getting mythic or legendry items in

3+ Ways to Update PUBG Mobile in 2021 (Working Ways)

Update PUBG Mobile

There are three ways to update PUBG Mobile easily in 2021. If you don’t want to update via Play Store then you can do this through our ultimate guide. All the ways are shared below 100% working and trustable. So, don’t worry about it and

Best Gun in PUBG Mobile: List of All Best PUBG Weapons

Best Gun in PUBG

Best Gun in PUBG will help you to control recoil easily and also help you to win a match smoothly. According to a few gamers, a new player can take up to 1 month to understand the game properly like which is the PUBG best

PUBG Tournaments: Join Free Tournaments to Earn Money

PUBG Tournaments

There are thousands of websites and apps that organize free and paid PUBG Tournaments. If you are also looking for free or paid tournaments then I have shortlisted a few real apps and websites that pay money if you win. There are two types of